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only brief periods, officials say, because of his medical condition, and he's responding mostly in writing because he has a hard time talking. officials say today's bombing charges will include a description of a still unreleased fbi video. according to those familiar with what it shows, dzhokhar tsarnaev can be seen removing his backpack at the spot where the second bomb was placed, and acting very differently from those around him when e first bomb blew up. >> this suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off, and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion. >> federal officials say in the hours after the fbi released photos of the bombing suspects thursday night, investigators had not yet matched any names to their pictures and, in fact, did not even have the tsarnaev brothers in any terrorist data base. only after the older brother was killed in the late night shootout in watertown were agents able to check his fingerprints and put actual names to their case.
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fbi agents are seeking to interview all the family members and friends of the two brothers, including the wife of the older one, tamerlan. her lawyer says he is talking to federal authorities about how to proceed. matt? >> pete williams, thank you very much. edward davis, commissioner of the boston police department, joins us now. commissioner, nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> you've got a suspect in the hospital in critical, but stable, condition. unable to speak, but answering preliminary questions in writing. based on those early answers, are you 100% confident there is no future or further threat to boston in terms of accomplices or unexploded devices? >> this is very early in the investigation. we're satisfied that the two main actors, the people that were committing the damage out there, have been either captured or killed.
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there's still an open question as to exactly what happened in this investigation and there are enormous investigative resources being poured into that right now. we can't say with 100% certainty that -- anything actually at this point. >> do you know if this suspect has in any way given any indication of what the motive was for these attacks? >> no. it would be impossible for me to discuss anything about the suspect or the investigation. that's very sensitive and it's very much in play right now. >> let me ask you, take you back to thursday night. had the tsarnaev brothers not done what they did in killing officer collier and then carjacking that car, do you think the boston police department, the fbi, federal officials were close to capturing these two? or if they hadn't done that, might they have quietly slipped away? >> matt, i'm satisfied that once those pictures were released and these people were still in the country, there was no question we would capture them.
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>> let me also ask you about friday evening. the decision to lift the lockdown. i know this is a question you probably are going to be facing. what was that based on, that decision? i mean, as it turned out, shortly after the lockdown on watertown and boston in general was lifted and people were told they can go about their normal lives but to remain vigilant, this suspect was found about a block or two outside the perimeter. so was it the right decision to lift that lockdown? >> i believe it was at that time. that was a decision that was made in consultation with mayor thomas menino, governor patrick. every single one of the law enforcement partners that were involved in this operation, we examined all of the facts, and came to the conclusion that at that point in time, at that juncture, we felt that either the suspects had fled the area or there was not enough specific information to keep the city in .
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. . . . . . our inquiry. >> but based on the fact that the government of russia contacted the united states, whether the fbi found something or not, do you think the boston police department should have been made aware of that situation, a guy like that living in your community? >> well, let me stress, matt, i >> let me stress, matt, i don't have specific information about
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the international conversations that were going on, but i can tell you we are looking at everything and that will be certainly part of the review. >> boston police commissioner ed davis. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. now here's savannah. we are learning more about the suspects this morning as investigators dig in to their past for clues. today jeff rossen is in boston with that angle to the story. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. the bombs went off a block from where i am standing in boston. police launched a dragnet to find whoever did it. to find the suspect. a lot of people thought the suspects must be on the run and on the hideout. that's not the case. they went back to their normal lives with the younger brother even going back to college like nothing ever happened. in the days after the bombing, suspected terrorists dzhokhar
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tsarnaev was hiding in plain sight. friends say the 19-year-old was back in his dorm room here at u mass dartmouth and reportedly went to a party with pals. >> you know him pretty well. his friends saw him at the gym on tuesday. one day after the bombing. >> when i would say hi to him i talked about how it was crazy we had a bombing in boston. >> reporter: you said that to snim you talked about the bombing. >> he said it is sad. the next day jahar tweeted i'm a stress-free kind of guy. tamerlan phoned their father in russia to say everything is fine. >> these two knew enough to stay in place, live their lives as they normally did, nothing to attract attention to themselves. >> reporter: they came from russia ten years ago jahar was a
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star wrestler, tamm rerlan was bongser and deeply religious. they prayed together at this mosque. >> they never exhibited violent behavior. >> reporter: in 2011, the fbi questioned tamerlan at the request of foreign authorities who suspected he had ties to radical underground groups, be i the fbi found no link to terror. then after a trip to russia last year, a play list of jihadist videos was posted on a you tube channel tamerlan apparently set up. but jahar's friends say he showed no signs of extremism. >> i can't stress to anyone how normal of a kid he was and how mind blowing it is someone so normal could live such a crazy double life almost. >> reporter: investigators are trying to piece this together. two members of congress want to know if the fbi missed something when they questioned tamerlan
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two years ago. now asking for a full review of that investigation. >> thank you. >> the city of boston a huge sigh of relief over the weekend and people are showing their support for the victims of the tragedy and the heros who apprehended the suspects. wonderful signs of support at the red sox game over the weekend. they unfurled this huge american flag over the green monster. and then -- >> a surprise, neil diamond came out to sing the red sox anthem "sweet caroline." he showed up and asked to sing apparently. think jonny gomes put the emphasis, had the names of the victims. >> including the m.i.t. police officer and the marathon was held in london over the weekend and solidarity of the people with boston at that as well. >> people wore black ribbons to
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remind people that it happened in boston in solidarity. >> we saw it acrossing events, nascar, hockey games. >> member of a crowd in london held up a sign that says run if you can. walk if you must, but finish for boston. >> grit sentiment. another major story we are following this morning. rising floodwaters along the mississippi river in the midwest. we are seeing dramatic rescues and more rain is on the way. we will talk to al about that in a second. but right now john yang is in clarksville, missouri. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the residents of clarksville are waking up to discover the river has risen quite a bit overnight. the good news is their frantic sandbagging efforts are protecting the downtown from the rising waters. across the midwest this morning, waters are rising fast. here in clarksville, they have had a lot of practice at this. it has flood at least four times
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in the last 18 years. this year, it came early. >> it came very fast. faster than 2008 and we don't have the help we had in 2008 so everybody's pulling together and doing the best they can. >> reporter: at least three people have died in floodwaters, including an indiana man whose pickup truck was swept away by the rushing waters of a swollen creek near indianapolis. >> good enough to let his dog out. we got the dog. he didn't make it. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers shot locks and closed rivers to shipping traffic. near st. louis more than 100 barges. >> ten barges sunk or partially sunk in or around the channel. >> reporter: across the region, roads closed and hundreds of acres of farmland under water. a result of last week's storms that dumped a month's worth of rain in a matter of hours and
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it's just the beginning. >> it could take over a week to get that water to make its way to over areas especially through the mississippi valley. >> reporter: for many it is part of life on the river. in clarksville, douglas said the deck of his house felt like the deck of a ship. >> when the river's low it is a beauty. when it is high it's a beast. >> reporter: officials say this is probably about as high as this water is going to get here, but it's all moving down river, cresting in st. louis probably tomorrow and south of there later in the week. matt? >> john, thanks. as i said we will get to al's forecast in what couple of minutes. >> natalie is following a story out of washington, a sad story. >> another sad story. a deadly shooting overnight south of seattle. five people were killed in an apartment complex on sunday night including a suspect who was shot by police at the scene. investigators are looking to what caused the gun fire to break out. now to the latest on the recovery efforts in west, texas,
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as residents comb through the rubble caused by the fertilizer plant explosion and search for answers. gabe gutierrez is on the scene with the latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. more residents are expected to head back in their homes today through police check points like this one, as investigators search for clues at the blast epicenter, questions linger about how and why this happened. this morning, new images obtained by nbc news inside the nursing home, torn apart by last week's massive explosion. >> it was just black smoke, it was windows blown out. i think, my god, what has happened? >> reporter: administrator rose anne morris wants the world to know of the heroic efforts by employees, volunteers and first responders who rushed to pull 130 elderly residents from the rubble. has it sunk in yet? >> no. not really. >> you can hear the panic in the 911 calls.
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>> our whole house, windows, everything it sounded like a bomb and i'm looking outside and there's like a bomb on 35, i don't know what is going on. >> investigators say they found the origin of the explosion but won't say where it is and they still aren't sure what caused wednesday's initial fire. >> we do not have a time line. >> reporter: the fertilizer facility's ownerer says the company is working closely with investigators and pledges to do everything it can to understand what happened. but already some lawmakers are asking whether chemical storage regulations need to be strengthened. but residents wonder how long it will take to rebuild. >> there's a big explosion and our house is destroyed. >> reporter: the death toll at 14. a public memorial is scheduled for later this week for first responders. >> gabe gutierrez in west, texas. thank you so much. airlines are bracing for major delays across the country
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as furloughs of some 15,000 air traffic controllers kick in. the result of government spending cuts. though furloughs went in to effect on sunday, but monday is set to be the agency's real test. rescuers in china are scrambling to reach communities cut off during a massive earthquake on sunday. at least 188 people were killed and more than 11,000 others injured in china's sichuan province. mary is at the stock exchange. good morning, mary. the gas prices dropped again. the average price dropped 11 cents over the last two weeks. the senate could allow states to tax internet purchases adding $11 billion to state coffers and wall street gets back to work after the dow's worst weekly decline since june. back to you. >> mary, thanks. in great britain, the duchess of cambridge, kate
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middleton appeared in public on sunday with her pregnancy more evident than ever. she stood in for queen elizabeth at a review of scouts while the queen celebrated her 87th birthday in private. the duchess and prince william are expecting the first child this summer. for those who are on royal baby bump watch -- if you have been living under a rock, did you know. >> when you said her name i perked up and i wanted to see bump. >> she looks beautiful. >> certainly does. >> mr. roker has more on the midwest flooding an the local forecast. >> not a lot of good news for friends in the midwest and winter won't let go. we have a funnel system. behind it a lot of cold air and snow for the upper midwest and the plains. ahead of it, a lot of wet weather. we are looking from sheridan up to dull lui. anywhere from six to nine inches of snow. generally one to three inches and then ahead of that system we have heavy rain from lincoln,
7:16 am
nebraska, up in to eau claire, wisconsin and another one to three inches of rain, which will cause problems for the mississippi river later this week. we will have the local forecast in just a moment but first this message. . you'll need your sunglasses, t-shirts and bottled walter. 70s and 80s in san francisco. today, the hottest day of the
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next seven. tomorrow, temperatures dropping a little bit. as the sea breeze picks up and the low clouds return on the coast. big cooling for the middle part of the week as temperatures dip back in the 70s and 80s inland. lo malo que surge >> mr. roker, thank you. ahead the internet's impact on the hunt for the boston bombers. the good and bad. we will get in to that with the head of google. and reese witherspoon on the red carpet following her arrest for disorderly conduct. but first this is "today" on nbc. rlconduct. but first, this is "today" on nbc. star command,
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7:24 am
the suv with the 11-month-old, gabrielle, safe inside in a driveway across town. three weeks later, officers arresting 30-year-old carla hernandez for that crime. she is facing kidnapping, child endangerment and auto theft charges. in the meantime, san jose police say it is amazing nobody was killed when somebody fired several shots into a car full of people early sunday morning. police say that shooting happened at about 2:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the siesta nightclub on monterrey highway in south san jose. officer investigating the possibility of an argument inside the club led to the gun fire outside. police have not yet released any information or description of the gunman. meteorologist, christina loren, has a couple days off. meteorologist, rob mayeda, is in to tell us about a hot monday. >> clear skies, comfortable for now. by the afternoon, upper 80s and low 90s for our valleys. san francisco and oakland, 70s
7:25 am
to mid-80s. 82 around santa rosa. tomorrow, a little bit of cooling. as the sea breeze turns on, big drop in temperatures as we head toward the middle part of the week. the sky is looking clear. let's see if the roadways are looking the same. >> relatively clear. a monday. a shot of 101 north underneath the 680, 280 interchange. not so bad right here. the map will mark it out. it is not so bad. right there, we have slowing once you pass that scene and approaching the area off of the capital expressway as well. 280 slows around 880 as well as 87 into downtown and 85. a traditional stretch up in toward cupertino. south 680. back to you. >> mike, thanks a lot. another local news update for you in one half hour. the "today" show rolls on. is it wrong to buy an entire outfit to match your mani-pedi? shop like a fashionista. not if you find something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista.
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>>that is, of course, reese witherspoon posing on the red caet at last night's premiere of her new movie, but a different image a few days ago. she and her husband were arrested during a traffic stop. that's the mug shot. we will tell you what she's saying about that arrest coming up. it's the 22nd of april, 2013, as we say hello to the crowd outside on the plaza. good mning to you. i'm savannah guthrie beside matt lauer. >> also ahead,he searc for
7:28 am
boston bombers was carried out in a way we haven't really seen before, right in the middle of a digital revolution. the internet, social media playing key roles. while it was successful, it also highlighted some problems we have to deal with. we're going get into that with the influential head of google. and then we'll take a turn and see how motherhood is treating jenna bush hager a whopping nine days in. we'll find out more about her experiences and see some new pictures of baby mila. but we're going to begin this half-hour with some of the legal issues surrounding the arrest of the sviving bomb suspecter dzhokhar tsarnaev. lisa, good morning to you. we understand he's responding to the extend he can in writing. and that officials a citin what's known as the public safety exception so that they don't have to read him his miranda rights right away. as time passes, does the justification for that exception grow weaker? are they on ls strong ground? >> it sure does, because as you know, miranda rights are a bedrock constitutional principle. we all have the right to remain
7:29 am
silent, t get an attorney and be advised of those rights. the public safety exemption is a very narrow exemption. there has to be an imminent threat to the public. it certainly seems less imminent. >> don't officials who say the terror is over, don't they kind of undercut that argument, and does it really matter in the end? >> this is certainly an argument that's going to be handed to this defendant's defense attorney when that time comes. there have been contradictory statements made that there is no public threat, there is no ticking bomb, thank goodness, apparently, based on what we know so far. so we're giving them an argument to use later. >> the issue is, the questioning that's permitted without miranda is very narrow in scope, correct? >> yes. it's about what the public threat is. it's not all of theasis and the background and the motive questions. >> that's what brings me to this issue that's percolating in washington now. there are some national security republicans who say we should treat this suspect not as a criminal suspect but as an enemy combatant so there could be a more wide range in the interview. >> enemy combatant arose in times of war.
7:30 am
when we capture somebody onhe battlefield. as the nature of war has evolved, we're now in a war on rror, some are saying that finition should be changed. but this is an american citizen captured on american soil, an american crime. i don't see him as an enemy combatant. i don't think the cous will either. >> they would have to have some connection to al qaeda order to meet that classification. >> well, that's right. i don't see that here. do we want this to be a creative precedent, setting case, or do we want to treat him like the hundds of other terrorists w have been successfully tried on american soil. >> great to have you here. thank you. we'll switch gears now,et a cck of the weather from al. >> today's weather is brought to you by centru the most recommended, preferred and studied multi-vitamin brand. >> got a good-looking group here. very nice. let's see what we've got for you. we are talking about some rough weather. okay, rapid city, you've had the snowiest april on record.
7:31 am
you're heading for a previous april record, 30.6 bark in 19 -- back in 1970 now as we look to chicago, record rainfall for april. so far in april, 18.74 to date and we'll come very close to breaking that record back in 1947. down in miami, they're looking at a wet april as well. record rainfall, 10.43 inches in 1960. we are going to bust that today, no doubt about it. rest of the country, we expect to see a beautiful day through southern california. we're looking at a beautiful day morton son nor clouds around the view from san bruno mountains looking off to the east. temperatures climbing quickly. 80s by lunchtime. eventually, about i 3:00, 4:00, this afternoon, upper 80s and low 90s inland. upper 70s to mid-80s, inner bay. today should be the warmest day
7:32 am
of the next seven. tomorrow, cooler. significant cooling heading toward the middle part of the week as the low clouds return. the sea breeze turns on approaching thursday. and don'tforget, if you need that weather, go to the weather channel on cable, online. we are hearing from oscar winner reese witherspoon this morning concerning her disorderly conduct arrest. it happenedn atlanta during a dui stop for her husband. jasokennedy is here with details on this. good morning to you. >> you said this is indeed a surprise. the arrest happened early friday morning after the two were pulled over f a traffic violation. at that point, according to law enforcement officials, things began to get heated. with a reputation as one of hollywood's most endearing actresses, reese witherspoon is used to seeing her photos in the papers. although perhaps not like this. these are the mug shots taken of the actress and her husband,
7:33 am
hollywood agent jame toth, after their arrest friday morning. according to an incident port, the o were pulle over after their vehicle was observed weaving in and out of traffic lanes. after performing a field sobriety test on toth who was driving, a trooper placed him under arrest. withspoon refused orders to wait inhe car, telling the trooper she was a u.s. citizen and that she was alled to stand on american ground. while being placed in handcuffs, witherspoon was described as resistant. the report cites witherspoon saying to the trooper, "you're about to find out who i am, and you're going to be on national news." toth washarged with dui and failure to stay in the lane, while witherspoon was charged with disorderly conduct. in a written statement, witherspoosaid i clearly had one drink too many and i am deeply embarrassed about the things i said. i was disrespeful to the officer who was just doing his job. i have nothing but respect for the police and i'm very sorry
7:34 am
for my behavior. >> reese wherspoon is an actress who has been known as something of america's sweetheart. i think that something like this does tarni her reputation, and it could hurt her in her career. >> the actress shot to claim after the success of movies like "legally blonde" and has gone on to star in a string of films like "sweet home alabama." in 2005, she won an academy award for her role as june carter cash in "walk the line." >> baby, baby, baby, baby. >> in the past, reese has tried to be a role model,aying at t the 2011mtv movie awards -- >> for all the girls out there, it's possible to be a good girl. i'm going to try to make it cool. >> but this morning, that might not the message reaching her many fans. reese walked the red carpet for a movie premiere here in new york city last night, b she did not discuss the incident she didn't even do interviews. in her statement, she alsoaid it was a scary situation and she
7:35 am
was frightened for her husband, but she added that is still no excuse, matt. >> but she came right out and owned it, which i think helps her a little bit. jason, thankou very much. appreciate that. oming up next, we're going to talk to the head of google about the role of social media in the hunt for the boston bombing suspects, both the good parts and the negatives. that's right after this. both of us aually. our pharmacist recommended it. and that makes me feel pretty good about it. and then i heard out a study looking at multivitamins and the long term health benefits. and what do you know? they used centrum silver in the study. makes me feel even better, that's what i take. sorry, we take. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most stued. centrum, always your most complete.
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and stop further joint damage. it also repels most ticks before they can tach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may tach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! we're back now. from the moment of the boston marathon bombings, a digital manhunt was under way for the terrorists. surveillance videos and photos taken by average citizens played a huge role in the case. a water shed momen for the internet and social media, o that googl executive chairman eric schmidt and google ideas
7:40 am
director jared cohen predicted. their new book is called "the ne digital age." nice to see you. it'sll about how the digital world is changing our lives, our safety, our businesses, but let's look at it in the context of what we've all justived through over the last week. first, the bombings themselves and then the investigation. what was the digital impact? >> well, this was a terrible tragedy by any measure, and yet the digital world helped a lot. after the police figured out rohly who they were, they released videotapes and a million people looked for these people. and i'm sure that really spooked them. >> so these member of the digital community became quasi-law enforcement agents. >> if you're locked down in boston, what else are you going to do? you're going to look. >> but it's interesting, you immediately highlight the positive. jared, let me bring you in here, because some peoe might say the digital world may also have been where these brothers radicalized their views, where they may -- we don't know -- may have learned how to build some of the devices that they eventually exploded at the
7:41 am
boston marathon. the have been cases in the past where terrorists have used cell phones, a digital device, to actually debt face devices, although we don't know that here. >> what we see is the number of people who want to see less violence in the world significantly outnumbers that of the perpetrators. we all have the ality to coectively press rewind. it makes it harder for anybody to get away with it in the future. >> the is no question that that idea, that concept of these putting these ideas out there and all these people watching events, t only on television, but on their computers and smart phones, they did help. there's a downside to that as well, because there were some people identified in photographs who turned out to have nothing to do with the crime, and by pushing send, those people were placed out there unfairly instantly. >> by the way, this happened in the atlanta bombings. richard jewel, who was ultimately exonerated, and yet his name existed on history
7:42 am
forever. there is a rush to judgment online, but overall, we get to the right answer pretty quickly. be careful. the first thing you hear may no be correct, but over me, the online world getst right. >> you mentioned misidentification is not new to the digital world. but boy, the speed of the digital wod does change it dramatically. by the wayanother digital element to this, when these brothers carjacked that car on thursday night, they let the driver of the car go. that driver left a cell phone in the car, and -- >> so one of the things we talk about in the book is it's very difficult for terrorists in the future to not use technology. it's just the world we're moving into. as they opt into technoly, the room for error becomes much greater. when you're frantic and on the run, you can't possibly follow a checklist every second. >> yeah, look in the car and see if there's a cell phone there because you know it's a tracking device. >> digital fingerprints. both of these young men went online. in the case of the older brother, he had postings on
7:43 am
youtube talking about the jihad and jihadists. is there a responsibility for people like googl to be constantly checking those things and alerting law enforcement? >> well, the moment we hear anything that is sort of hate speech or anything inappropriate on youtube, we take it off. that's sort of the best we can do because there's so much coming out. the fact of the matter is people are going to use all of this stuff to post their ideas and you will see it. and maybe you get a better sense that these people a evil by looking at what they're posting. >> in the 15 seconds i have left jared, as we move to the future and in terms of crime, the digital world, is it a positiver a negative? >> we're overwhelmingly optimistic. the room for erroroes up whether u're a criminal or a terrorist. you have to leave a digital trail behind, and nody can possibly be that careful and even terrorists make mistakes. >> eric schmidt and jared cohen. thank you, guys. the book is called "the new digital age." up next we're goi to catch up with new mom jenna bush hager. we'll talk to her live right after this. we went out and asked people a simple question:
7:44 am
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7:47 am
back now at 10:50 with new mom jenna bush hager. shend her husband henry welcomed margaret laura hager, or mila as we like to call her. he's laughing because it said margaret lauer. >> that's a whole other story! >> you know, i'm leaving. >> i paused over it. >> i saw it, i said please don't say th. >> this started as a veryice
7:48 am
segment. >> margaret lra hager, better known asila. jenna is on the phone. good morning. >> hi. >> this is what you're missing. >> is this what she has to look forward to? this is what happens when you name your daughter three names. >> so you're nineays in to motherhood. what have you learned? >> not much, but a lot. i mean, i've learned that you can love somebody in a totally different way. i'm close to crying, of course, you know me. i'm totally crazy about h and i don't even really like the color pink and there's pink all over my apartment. i lihings to be really neat and the's bottl and things all over. and we're just happy as can be. >> oftentimes when we speak to a brand-new mom, we neglect the brand-new dad. how is henry doing? >> he's doing great. he's a really modern dad. he was taking a conference call while holding the baby yesterday. but we're just having so much
7:49 am
fun. he read the first book to her that don nash gave us. i cried. >> well those hormones kick in. >> good ready for "good night moon" about 100 times. >ut i to song, jenna. >> exactly. >> my favorite thing you said, jenna, is that although the baby came three weeks early, you were having a baby shower that day and the good news was you had had your hair blown out, so you looked fabous. >> i was having a baby shower that day, and i felt the baby move and everybody was staring at me and it's one of those baby showers where you open gifts. i kind of started sweating, ♪ [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ge has wired their medical hardware with innovative software
7:50 am
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7:53 am
during april, walmart and kraft are coming together tfight hunger by donating to feeding america. which contributes to food banks in your n community. supporus in creating e biggest growl ever. [ kids growling excited ] ♪ the gunman is still on the run. in san leandro, police trying to figure out how a woman died in her own driveway. the woman in her 50s was found early sunday morning lying in a pool of blood outside of her home on silver leif drive near
7:54 am
east 14th street. the sheriff's department says the coroner must now determine whether the woman was the victim of a crime. meteorologist, rob mayeda, is in for christina loren. he is saying another sunny and very warm day. it does look like most of the bay area inland will be in the upper 80s to low 90s, including from san jose south to san francisco and oakland, we should see upper 70s to mid-80s near the bay and 70s and 80s toward the coast. this will lead to cooling as we head to the middle part of the week. summerlike temperatures today, 70s and 80s down toward santa cruz. we are looking at sunol, south 680 over the last five minutes, started to move more smoothly. you see the cars moving and the trucks. let's look at the map. we have slow registering. highway 84 also starting to see things lighten up a bit heading
7:55 am
toward san jacinto. north 238 right off of 580, a crash clearing. typical for hayward and san lorenzo. slow registering across san mateo and the dumbarton bridges. another local update in one half hour. we hope to see you then. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy...
7:56 am
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7:57 am
we're back now at 8:00 on a mondaying mo inmorning. it's a beautiful morning here in new york city. looking down on our plaza, all decade out for spring. we've got a huge crowd gathered after what was a pretty nice weekend here in new york. i'm matt lar along with
7:58 am
savannah guthrie. the people in boston, people in west, texas,his morning are waking up trying to figure out how to move on after very difficult weeks, after tragic weeks. coming up, i'm going to tell you the story of a woman who knows all too well about that situatn. she had lost three daughters in a tragic wrong-way crash here in e new york area. and she's going to tell us how she's managed to find hope in the future despite that tragedy. >> that is a terribly s story, but there is some hope in , too, so we'll have that in a few moments. then we'll take a turn and have some fun. al got to visit the set of "the voice." he sits down with adam levine, usher, and shira. wel see that cing up. speaking of , mr. roker at the moment is doing some gardening and he's going to be transferring those plantings to what's called a living wall. >> a living wall. >> that's right. and we're goingo explain exactly what that is. >> he's beenery busy this morning. >> i know.
7:59 am
he did all of that. and why do certain songs get stuck in your head? >> and why is it mostly the bad songs? >> i know. i was going to give some examples, but then i'll just get in trouble. ryan seacrest, of course, knows the answero that. he'll talk about that phenomenon and more, and he's going to be our special guest host tomorrow ring the 8:00 hour. >> all right. a lot to get to. let's go inside. natalie's got a check of l the headlines. good morning, everyone. officials have started their interrogation of the surving suspect in the bostonarathon bombin. however, they say 19-yeye-old dzhokhar tsarnaev has trouble speaking and has to respond with write i wring. the fbi also wants to talk to the widow of his older brother, tarlan tsarnaev, who was kill early friday in a shootout with police in a boston suburb. meantime, boston will observe a moment of silence this afternoon to mark o weekince a pair of
8:00 am
bombs went off near the marathon finish ne, killing at least three people and wounding more than 170. spring flooding has closed roads, forced evacuations, and left farmland under water across large stretches in the midwest. mes are being thrtened as river levels rise across the nation's heartland, and near st. louis, more than 100 barges broke free in the rain-swollen mississippi, disrupting riv traffic. at least three people have already died in the flood waters, including an indiana man whose pickup truck was swept away by a raging creek. the deadliest colorado avalanche in 50 years claimed the lives of five snowboarders this weekend near the loveland pass ski area. kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: it started as an event promoting back country safety, but by the end of the day, five werdead, buried beneath a massive slide. >> there's big bcks of snow that weighrobably as much as a
8:01 am
vehicle. >> reporr: as the group of six climbed on saturday, the snow broke free. the only survivor was able to escape to the edge of the slide and call for help. but the other five, all eert riders in their 30s, couldt be saved. among em, the founder of backcountry tv. one was a wilderness first responder and called one of the most educatedack country snowboard guides in the world. and joe timlan describes owboarding as his life. all had alanche safety gear with them. on sunday, friends gathered to mourn. >> people are a lot more broken up than what i'm putting out right now. >> reporter: but not far from the slide, skiers and boarder were back out on sunday. >> the adrenaline rush, that's why i'm here. >> reporter: drawn by fresh snow, but facing a hsh realit >> you can't let your guard do. because we're seeing big, bad avalanches. >> reporter: that in an instant can take even those condered the best. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los
8:02 am
angeles. a bride-to-be put her own life on hold saturday when a deadly earthquake struck in the xuan province inchina. the tv reporter was getting her hair and makeup done on her wedding day when she got word of the emerging tragedy and ran out into the street to cover t breaking news. local reports saidhe did about ten minutes of interviews, had a brief wedding ceremony, and then went straight back to work. an now for a look at what is trending today, our qui round-up of what has you talking online. police officers who truly did serve and protect during the boston manhunt keep winning praise on the ternet. a favorite example is this viral photo, it shows an officer bringingilk to a family with a 16-month-old boy during the lockdown in watertown. this tourist could have lost a lot more than his shirt when he got a little too close to that orangutan cage at a zoo in the philippines. after swiping the shirt, the big ape managed to pul it over his
8:03 am
torso and put on his fashion show. i guess the question is who 're it best? a 2-year-old august didn't want any help from daddy when it came to buckling up. >> worry about yourself. worry about yourself. >> can i he? >> no! >> what do you want me to do? >> worry about yourse. worry about yourself. you drive! worry about yourself. go drive. >> talk about a back-seat driver. gives it a whole new definition there. littleaugust. some words of wisdo for dad. and you are up to date right now at 8:06. let's go back out to al with a check of the weather. worry about yourself, al. >> today's weather is brought to you by the makers of non-drowsy claritin. you can experience non-drowsy relief throughout your allergy season. live critin clear. >> those are the words of
8:04 am
"today." "worry about yourself." everybody very happy here. earth day, globes, very nice. here's what we have for you. pollen is a big problem. going to be looking at high pollen counts throughout much of the country. really, the dakotas and montana about the only low spots because they got lots of snow. look at these temperature departures. in the plains, it is crazy cold. billings, 25 degrees, 26 degrees below normal. bismarck at 31, almost 30 degrees below normal. you go south of the jet stream, look at these temperatures, san francisco below normal. las vegas at 92. flag staff 70. lubbock will see a high of 90 degrees. risk of strong storms alonghe oklahoma border beautiful day in southern california. a little on the cool side, 67 degrees. a lite clear skies.
8:05 am
not much wind. as you can see the mirror like reflection and flag not moving much. arctic breeze bringing temperatures up to nearly 70 in livermore at this hour, 61 san francisco, 61 san jose. winds late today will turn on shore again. this afternoon will reach the upper 80s and low- to mid-90s inland. 70s and 80s across the bay. tomorrow a little cooling and a lot cooler by wednesday and thursday. the sea breeze cranks up and temperatures cool for the middle part of the week. and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all rig, al. thank you so much. coming up next, the story of a mother who suffered the unthinkable. she suffered her three daughters in a horrible wrong-way crash. she opens up for the first time about moving forward. and a way that women are conntingo lose weight and break down barriers at the same time. > anthen al visits the set of "the voice." sits down with adam, blake, usher, and shakira. for 12 days !
8:06 am
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8:09 am
we're back now at 8:11. it's been four years about since a tragic wrong-way accident in new york. a mother driving drunk and high, killg herself, her daughter, her three nieces, and three men in another car. well now her sister-in-law is telling her story in a new book called "i'll see you again." ann curry sat down with her and he husband lauren for an exclusive interview. >> they were my life. they were the reason i was put her, i believe. because they wereeally just really azing girls. >> i love you all. >> reporter: they were 8-year-old emma. >> make a silly face. >> reporter: yearld allison. and 5-year-old katie. >> i did it, daddy! >> reporter: in july 2009, the three excited ltle girls were heading out on a camping adventure in upstate, new york, with their aunt diane and uncle
8:10 am
danny. did you have any concerns about entrusting your girls to your sister-in-law diane? >> no. i had known her for 20 years. i mean, she was a rock. and she was just always -- she just -- i never did. i kw the girls loved her. >> reporter: after a weekend of fun, the three girls withiane and her own two children set off for home in a minivan, while danny took the dog in his pickup truck. jackie called diane that morning to check in. she says her sister-in-law unded fine. but close to 1:00, the phone rang. it was emma sounding alarm. >> mommy, something's wro with aunt diane. >> reporter: mommy, something's wrong with aunt diane. and shwas crying. >> uh-huh. and i didn't understand. i said what d you mean? i could hear allison crying in
8:11 am
the background. i said let me talk to aunt diane. and so diane got on the phone. she just kept saying they're playing and they're having fun. she just didn't sound right. >> diane didn't? >> no. she wasn't making any sense. >> reporter: jkie says she was stunned by what investigators say happened next. they say diane turned the minivan with all the children onboard and drove right into oncoming traffic. >> state police, 911. >> yeah, you got a guy driving south on the northbound parkway. >> reporter: eyewitnesss say diane was racing at speeds approaching nearly 85 miles an hour for two miles, just barely missing other vehicles. the minivan collided with an suv and exploded into flames, killing all three sisters, diane, her daughter, as well as other men riding in the suv. eight people in all. only diane's 5-yearld son
8:12 am
brian survived. the toxicology report showed diane's blood alcohol level was more than double the lal limi it also found marijuana in her blood. and in the wreckage of t minin, police found a broken bottle of vodka. jackie could not make sense of how a woman she trusted and loved as a sister could do such a thing. >> i never knew her to drink, so why would she be drinkg with my kids in the car and her kids in the ca like, no, just no. i just thought it's impossible. and it was a mistake. >> reporter: in the weeks and months after the funeral, jackie slid beyond despair. >> i just wanted to be with the girls so bad that i got to emotnal and so fixated on ng them again, and so the thought of being in this pain
8:13 am
forever was just too mh to handle. >> you contemplated suicide. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you even had a plan for how to do it. >> uh-huh. i habeen putting a few pills away from each prescription and taken one or two from warren and just hiding them. >> reporter: jackienew she had to change her life if she was going to survive. her friends convinced her to rejoin their early morning runs, and after a while, they even suggested she think about having another child to help her he. she refused to evenonsider the idea, feeling she was too broken to be a mother again. and besides, technilly, it wasn't possibl because she had had her tubes tied. but her friends persisted and got her to a fertility specialist. so you tried. >> i tried. >> reporr: and? >> i got pregnant. >> reporter: on october 11th, 2011, casey rose arrived, and for the first time in more than two years, jackie felt joy. >> oh, my goshi see myself in
8:14 am
the mirror. >> reporter: she says emma, allison, and katie are always with her. in fact, they are the inspiration for the hance family foundation, which helps young girls build confidence and self-esteem. the haes want every girl to be confident and happy, just as they wh for their own daugers. it has become a mission for warren. >> does it keep one person out of trouble? does it keep one girl from feeling bad about themselves for one day? i know we've made a difference. where that difference goes tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that, you know, you can only dream. >> reporter: to help support the foundation financially, jackie has written a book, "i'll see you again." she writes about hope in the face of sufring and the spirit ofer girls. >> my greest desire is for people to kno them. that never get to know them. and maybe emma's future
8:15 am
mother-ilaw, or katie's future college roommate, or somebody who didn't get the chance to see them might meet them through the book. >> reporter: jackie and warren's new bundle of joy casey is now 17 months old, a little girl teaching her parents to let go of some of their tragedy and to know that even after all that has been lost, there is still a way to go on. >> it just gives you a meaning again. when you lose everything and you get something to hold on to there's really no way to be able to describe it. >> she brings a heart beat to this house again. there was none. she brought us back to life. >> and you can see much more of ann's terview fday on "rock center with brian williams." now t's go over to savannah and al. we'll take a turn now. al was recently in los angeles and got to spend some time on the set of "the voe," one of my favorite shows and i'm not paid to say that. >> i got to sit down with
8:16 am
coaches adam levine, blake shelton, shakira,nd usher following a day long of battles and eliminations. ♪ >> how tough is that? yove got these teams that you put together, and you know one ofhem is not coming out. that's got to be difficult. >> it's kind of biersweet. yeah, because in a way, you have to- you have the opportunity to watch the results of all the hard work a to see how much progre your artists have de. or not made. >> yeah, exactly. but at the same time, you have to let one of them go, and it's sa ♪ sometimes, the guilt is overwhelming, u know? last night, for example, i couldn't sleep very well. i had one of my artists in my
8:17 am
mind all night because i had to let him go. >> so it affects you? >> yeah, it affected me. >> and then blake cracks some joke about you ruin their life and then youeel ten times worse. >> you've t to talk about it. it's out there. >> he's a pretty bad pern. >> what's going on between you o? what's the deal here? >> me and shakira? i'm glad that you asked. oh, me and adam. >> you and adam. >> adam's really stupid. for putting you two against each other. i think we have a kinship because we're very immature. and neither one of us really have any pride. ♪ one tng i can tell you is you got to be free come together right now er me ♪ >> how difficult is it for the two of you, shakira and usher, coming into this. these two have already been doing this and now you've got to sle in.
8:18 am
how hard is that? >> it's been easy to slide in, you know? our getting accmated comes as a result of just doing what we love, and they make it really a pleasure, because there's such friendly banter between the two of them that we just find our way into it. we latch on to where they are or start our own convtion, but it's a free form, a great dialogue, and honestly, watching the show, i feel like it's organic. i feel like it's just natural. almost like a conversationt times. >> undeniable chemistry here. >> i just hate to see somebody as talented and beautiful as her end up as an experiment on two different coaches who have never even been on this show before. they don't know what there doing. >> oh, snap. >> what's funny? this is a battle. you got take this serious, man. >> you're not just coaches. in a sense, you're being life coaches. >> sometimes i do feel a little bit like tony rins or
8:19 am
something. you can do it. >> b figuring out what you're good at. >> it applies to life in a big way. >> you just had a little boy. and you had him here. does that change the dynamic for you when you hav your little guy here? >> yeah, of course. being a mother is deliciously overwhelming. it's surreal. it's a whole new experience to me. i'm discovering it second by second. and having him here, it's great, it's a new thing, it's another part of me and my loved one. he's accompanying me, so i don't feel alone. >>orgeous little baby, too. >> oh, thank you. >> how gratifying is it that you guys have all come togher and you are now the number one singing competition show. >> the number one? >> the number one singing competition show in the land. >> number one? >> that's right! you hear that other singing competition shows?
8:20 am
whatever. >> "idol." >> you know who are, other ones that i'm not going to say. >> okay, so show of hands. whose teawins this year? >> sorry? sorry? i missed that. >> no, it's too late, shakira. too late. ♪ over me >> i think that's what really sets them apart. they really ve this camaraderie and they put the emphasis on the singers, not on them. it's really kind of caught fire. >> the mentoring, too. >> but they're very competitive. you can catch "the voice" tomoow on nbc. meanwhile, we ve grown by one on the couch. let's bring in ryan lochte. his new realit tv show "what would ryan lochte do" premiered last night. i remeer talking to you about this. you wanted to get people to think about competitive
8:21 am
swimming, high level swimming in times other than just the olympics. we're all a little guilty of that. but you also want people tknow more about you. what do you want them to learn? >> just that i'm not your average olympian. >> i think we knew that. >> you know, you think they eat, they train, they sleep. that's it. for me, that is not the case at all. i like doing other stuff. i like having a good time. i like doing stuff that i can probably g myself hurt, like playing basketball, ateboarding,surfing, you name it, i'm doing it. >> you're used to having cameras around as a world famous olympian, but this is really having cameras around. is that a little hard to get used to? >> oh, it was. the rst couple days, i mean, i s waking up brushing my teeth and the camera was right there. i was going downsirs to eat eakfast before swim practice, the camera was there. >> you should see the toothbrush mounted cara. disgusting. >> the camera is there 24.
8:22 am
ani wasn't used to that. >> did you have second thoughts? >> no, not at all. because this is something that i waed to do. i mean, had a blast doing it. the best thing about this show was i got really close with my family. i mean, i was seeing them probably once or twice every three months. this show, i saw them like once or twice every week. and it just brought us a lot closer together. >> theres something of a catch phrase on the show. it's sort of the rya lochte language. it's shjyeah. >> should we say it? >> it's just another way of saying yeah. >> did you enjoy the show? >> i love it. >> and you also say you spend a
8:23 am
lot of time watching the kardashians. >> yeah. >> so kim, kourtney, or khloe? >> kim. >> we're back after your local news. good monday morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a young martinez boy among hundreds injured during the boston marathon bombings will be getting a special visit today. a number of oakland a's players are planning to stop by the boston hospital where 11-year-old aaron hern is being treated. that includes first baseman and josh reddick. in the meantime doctors say aaron is showing amazing recovery. he's off the breathing tube, alert and talking.
8:24 am
still no word on when exactly e-mail be able to come home. we wish him well. hopefully the morning commute is looking good. we'll check with mike. >> things were good until about 20 minutes ago. things kicked in for oakland, northbound side. slowing past the coliseum. the map will show you also around the bay bridge. we have a crash west 80, behind the 580, gillman on the shoulder, slowing out of richmond, lighter through berkeley. slow for 580 and 880. southbound side 880 slow, both directions between dumbarton and san mateo bridge, all the way through fremont, joining with 680 that makes missionary and funnel slow as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local update in half an hour. see you then. enjoy your monday morning. wow, the track looks perfect.
8:25 am
8:26 am
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8:28 am
weatr. we say hello to them and good morning, and get into our places. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. lookit's natalie morales. >> we're just arriving. >> al is across the street and we'll check in with him in a few moments and find out about this new exhibit. >> that i very cool. also ahead in our studio right now, the great pierce brosnan is here. and i don't think i'll embarrass him when i tell him tha not only is he a wonderful actor, he's about to turn 60. we're goin to find out h he feels about that and he's going to talk to us about a brand-new movie that's getting great reviews just in a couple of minutes. >> look forward to that. you have a party, reunion, or maybe a vacation coming up and you want to lose a couple of pounds? bob harper is hereith a new plan to help you reach that goal. first, let's go across the street and check in with al. al, what do you got? >> we are here in the plaza rightt now. if you've been in rockefeller plaza, you've seen this amazing
8:29 am
exhibit, very stonehenge-like. it's called human nature. joining us right now is the creator of this. hoare you, sir? >> very well. good morning. >> tell me about this. what's the inspiration for these rock sculptures? >> we are standing here at the rockefeller nter. so i thought i need something very basic. and i gave nine standing figures. as a group, they are called human nature. >> and how tall are these? >> they are all between 18 and 22 feet tall. >> wow. what do they respect? >> they are blue stones and they represent the most basic human figure. >> how much dohese things weigh? >> one leg is zen on tseven ton. >> seven tons? that's a lot of rock for rock center. how hard was it to create these
8:30 am
things how did you get the top rock up there? >> we needed a crane, each rock. even if they look humble and simpleengine-wise, it was a real accomplishment to get them together. >> it really is. to see it all together like you're seeing now is an accomplishment, but to see it in person is reay amazing. congratulations on this. this is really fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> kudos. thank you very much. before we get to the weather, i want to remindnd you that we wa you to o ke up with al. that's right. wee got a new contest where we wa you to write a 250-word essay. go to and tell us. 250 words or less why i suld come to your homend wake up with you. i n't know if you think that's a prize or not, but we would love to do it, so please, go to all the rules and when you have to enterith all of the details. hey, throw in a video essay, too. that won't be bad either. let's check your weather, tow
8:31 am
what we've got for you, showing we are looking at below normal temperatures along the coast. below normal temperures the midsection of the couny. above normal out west. midweek, looking for rain out east. the latter part of the week, looking at below normal temperatures there. lookinfor heat and warmer conditions as you make your way for the west speaking of above normal temperatures, got clear skies in san jose. looking off to the south and west now towards campbell and saratoga, there will be locations that reach the low 90s today. downtown san jose close to 89 degrees, upper 80s and low 90s up and down the tri-valley. 70s to mid-80s around san francisco and oakland. today should be the warmest day of the next seven days. tomorrow still a little on the hot side inland as that sea breeze cranks up we'll see gradually cooling temperatures to finish this upcoming workweek.
8:32 am
and that's your latest ather. savannah! >> all right, al, thank you. don't knock them over, al, whatever you do. we want to take a minute to say good mning to the future of women in communications. these 18 women will collectively receive more than $100,000 in scholarships from the new york women in communications foundation at e matrix award ceremony to be held a little later today. susan schultz is the foundation's president. emily is one of the recipients. good morning. tell me about the scholarships. >> these are 18 young women who will have your jobs one day. they're the future media stars. some of them are still in high school. most are college undergraduates. this year, we were able to award themith $100,000 in scholarships. new york women inommunications is the biggest organization awarding scholarships to communications students in the tristate area. so we are just so excited to be honong them today. >> you get so many applicants.
8:33 am
how do you narrow it down to these special 18? >> it is so hard. we put them through a grueling process. it's an applation, an essay, recommendations, a grueling interview. so they really are the cream of the crop. >> e ely, you're a freshman. you started "we stop hate." tell us about that. >> su. we stop hate produces anti-bullying videos on youtube at lady gaga has made a video for us. butt has been a dream come true experience we spent the night at the waldorf and today we have an amazing day planned. so it's such a good sisterhood to be a part of. >> well, enjoy the ceremony and do great things, all right? thank you so much. when we come back, we'll tell you about the importance of something called living wall. but first, on a monday morning, this is "today" on abc. ♪
8:34 am
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back now with "today goes green," and some living walls surrounded by u on our plaza. you y be asking what is that? take a ok. popping up in cities around the world like lond, chicago, washington, and new york, vertical gardens called living walls are all over the place. attached to buildings, hotels, tube stations, airports, schools, and private homes. >> the plants stay rooted into the four inches of soil. >> they come in all different shapes andsizes. in chile, one of the largest living walls is 17,000 square feet and stands 17 stories high. but these vegetative structures don't just look pretty. >> green walls have a number of different befits. they conserve water, they purify the war,hey purify the air, both indoors and out, a ey're a great way to grow fruits and vegetables in a
8:37 am
ally small footprint. >> eironmental educator steven ritz is dedicated to bringing living walls to some of the country's roughest areas. concrete jungles where the's little room for trees and gardens. >> plants could grow up and out off walls. isn't that kind of cool? >> yeah! >> here in east harlem, he's teaching kids how to create a new kind of graffiti. >> this is green graffiti, because we're changing landscapes, we're changing mindsets and giving kids brand-new ways to configure themselves, their community, and we're takin abandoned and underused spes and turning them into highly productive, beautiful places. >> and we are joined this morning by steve tz, an educator, along with some new york city school kids who are helping us do some planting this morning. steven, good morning to you. >> good moing. >> tell us about these living walls. you're being helpeby the center for green schools. you're really an ambassador for them. why does this help student what do they learn? >> well, when students get to
8:38 am
interact with something like this, it's inspirational. it's aspirational. and where we learn matters. so when kids canome to a school and see something so inspiring, so betiful, and literally eat off a wall in school, it changes wre we learn, because buildings are a tool. >> there's multiple levels to this. you mentioned just a couple of them. for one thing, they're learning about healthy eating. and don't they sometimes eat what we' growi here? >> well,n one of my programs, we grow enough food to feed 450 people. that's a game-changer. i myself have just lost 100 pounds, but my kids are losing weight. when they see it and they grow it, they eat it. and where they learn matters. and realizehat they can change behaviors, mindsets, landscapes, classrooms. it's really been a transformational tool >> your classroom is actually in the bronx, and sometimes in harlem. what does it mean to have this beautiful greening of what sometimes can feel like a concrete jungle? >> well, forome of us, we do live in concrete jungle.
8:39 am
but when you can put 100, 200, 300 plants indoors, in a classroom year round, kids learn to nurture. when they learn about nurture, they learn about nature. when they learn about nature, they aspire to things they had never imagine before. i call it stem plus a for art, aspiration, and advocacy. >> obviously it's great for kids, but a lot of people are thinking these are beautiful. is this hard to pull off, these kinds of living gardens? >> well, these guys started this morning and look what we've got. we put them up there and people teaching m roker this morning. it's really easy. i think farming outdoors is hard. but this is -- it's inclusive. we have kids who can always be outside for environmeal reasons. some kids who are allergic to sun. here we can farm allyearlong, indoors, in a classroom. and that to me is truly inspirational. >> it really is inspirional, and beautiful. i should mention the center for green schools i going to be donating these walls that we're working on to various new york city publi schools.
8:40 am
>> i'm thrilled about that. >> steven ritz, it's great to meet you. >> thank you kindl and coming up next, pierce brosnan on his new movie and turning 60. but first, this is "today" on nbc. is it wrong to buy an entire outfit
8:41 am
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8:42 am
we're back now, 8:44 with golden globe nominated actor pierce brosnan. the new "love is all you need", he plays a widower. but life takes a turn when he meets the mom of his n's fiance. always nice to see you. >>d morning. >> you said in an interview that th is an extension of the europeanhase of your career. >> well, it could be seen as that. it is a dish film. it's a danish film maker. she wrote it with me in mind. i had the time of my life making
8:43 am
this film. it's like a warm embrace, ts movie. >>e just looked at a little clip. and the first thing people are going to notice is there are subtitles. you mention it's danish film. about half the dialogue i this is danish. and -- >> and the rest is me. >> yeah, you don't speak danish. were you at all apprehensive about jumping into this? >> well, the script came to me via my agent. he said suzanne vail wants you for this film. it's called "love is all you need." i did say to suzanne when it, look, how am i going to fit into this movie? an irish with all of these wonderful players. she said don't worry aboutit, i'll take care of you, and she did. >> the other thing i thought about having known you for a pretty long while is when you looked at the script and realized you were being asked to play a guy who had lost his wife, did you think forward and say now wait a minute, i'm going to dthis, it's a great story, but when i go out t pmote this movie, i'm inevitably going
8:44 am
to get the questions aut life imitating art, or art imitating life. >> i have no problems with that. i had no problems when i read the script. i realized that, you know, there were similar connections, emblems to my own li, this man at i play phillip has lost a wife. i lost a wife to cancer. and still dealing with it within my own family here. so i let myself do the project becae i thought iould bring something to it. which had a humanity, a sincerity. and also the film has got >> you say that. it's being billed as a romantic comedy, and i got to see it, and i thought it is. it's got a lot of laughs in it. but it's a grown-up movie. it's nor nuanced than a lot of romantic comedies that come out these days, i thought. >> you're absolutely right because i think it goes back to suzanne baer, who directed it. when you look at her films, they have a lot of complexity and
8:45 am
richness of character and subtext, which you just don't get in the films here in america. that's another story all together. >> we could do another segment on that. recently, you said this. i've been very lucky and very grateful to stay at the table for as long as i have. i seem to have employment, some hairline, and some small piece of talent in the back pocket that i can polish. i read that, and my first thought was does he have to brag about the hairline? is that really necessary? >> glorious day. glorious day. i watched you. you wear it well. >> thank you. but why have you managed to stay at the table? other than what you said in that statement. >> because i love what i do and i have a bit of luck. i'm still driven. i turn 60 here next month, and i'm very much aware of my time in life and just have nothing but gratitude, humble gratitude for being an actor.
8:46 am
it's a very capricious game. >> how are you feeling about 60? for a lot of guys, 50 is no problem. 60 is a little bit dicier. >> some days it rattles and shakes psychically, but ultimately, i feel nothing but a great gift of life. there's nothing to prove. i feel comfortable in my own skin, and i love what i do. i have a great wife and my children. >> do you feel that way about acting and the roles you take on? after so many years of taking on blockbusters where the role was larger than life. do you like this? are you comfortable enough where you'll make a career from now on on smaller roles? >> well, i have no idea. i mean, i have dreams and aspirations of what i want to do, and the reality -- >> which would be? >> well, i'm going to go off and do a movie, which is an action movie i'm producing, called "november man," that's back in the spy genre. i start next month in belgrade. so i think the stage is big enough for another guy to come on the stage as a spy, so to speak.
8:47 am
there's only so long you can do those kinds of movies. so you are -- one has to be aware of your place and time, body and mind. so you use that. you kind of address it accordingly. >> if this is what 60 looks like, you wear it pretty well. you're going to be right as rain, i'll tell you. >> good to see you. by the way, "love is all you need" opens in select cities on may 3rd. up next, new ways to supercharge your weight loss with biggest loser trainer bob harper. first, this is "today" on nbc. r. but first, ts is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
be well, be healthy today is brought to you by walgens, at the corner of happy and healthy. we e back at 8:51 with "be well be healthy." bob harper has helped countless contestanttransform their lives, and now he's out with a new bookalled "jump start to skinny: the simple three-week plan for supercharged weight loss." bob, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. >> this is not for the feint of heart. this is for if you've got an event comin up and you want to lose weight fast. >> this is the time of sson when people are going to be getting in their bathing suits, wedding dresses. i know that women or men are going to do whatever it takes. and i'm going to make sure that
8:50 am
you do it in the healthiest possible way but still achieve results. up to 20 pounds off of you in three weeks. >> okay. let's get the details because that's where it starts getting tough. your first rule is called 40/40/20. >> every single time you eat, get 40% of your food from cashes, 40% fro protein, and 20% from fat. >> so 40% french fries. >>here's no fried food, there's no booze o this. you can't be drinking atall. every ti you eat, youe only getting your complex carbohydrates in the morning. no other time in the day. >> there's some things that you call freebie foods. >> when it comes to your vegetables, you eat as much as you want. th's why i'm saying you can eat as much as you want in vegetabl, but proteins, fats, and carbs, you h to make sure you hit those nbers correcy. >>his is a verer low-calorie diet. >> women at 800, men at 1,200.
8:51 am
but you have those vegetables that you get to lean on. like i said, this is just for three weeks. and i've worked wit athletes for many,any years now. when you have a goal in mind, you have that dangling carrot in front of you, you're going to do whatever it takes. i would muchathe you do this than get on se sort of cleanse where you're just drinking maple syrup. >> once you return to a more normal diet, is that going to cause additional problems? is this kind of like the yo-yo you've set up? >> absolutely not, because you're still eating. you are getting all your macronutrients. you areting to eat food. transi. >> your rule is no complex carbohydrates after breakfast. >> that'right. you're going to be in that wedding dress. you have to keep you eye on the prize and kw that i'm going to have that wedding dress. you can be hating me and you will be hating me tough this program. but by the time that you're in
8:52 am
that wedding dress or in that bathing suit drinking your margita, you're gng to be li thank god for bob harper. >> i love bob. so complex carbs, what does that mean? >> those are your grains, those are going to be breads, things like that. you're going to be able to get that i ithe morning. but the carbohydrat that i want you to eat throughout the rest of the day, more fruits, l your vegetables. eating as much vegetables a you want. >> okay. water, we all know is wonderful for you. this is a huge part of your diet. >> huge part of your diet. you have to drink about 16 ounces of water before every single meal. it's going to help with your metabolism, it's goingo help yo feeling fuller longer and it's going to help you shed that water weight because your body is getting so much water in that it never needs to hold on to any water, so your body is just a very smart computer and it's going to be like okay, i'm getting water, so let's release it, releaseit, release it. >> you mentioned the vegetables. eat as many as you want. are you telling me that doesn't count towards your 800 calories? >> that does not count towards your 800 calories.
8:53 am
you're nev going to get fat eating broccoli. so i tell people all thetime, eat as many vegetables as y want. i dit with my athletes on "the biggest loser" a i'll do it with the girl trying to get in that wedding dress. >> you're not like me. you don't put cheese and butter on your broccoli. >> can't have any of that. absotely not, savannah. >> the book is called -- >> "jump start to skinny." >> you're going to be on with hoda and kathie lee coming up. >> i am. good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are getting word of a broken gas line near valley fair mall
8:54 am
in san jose. construction crews punctured a 3 inch gas line about an hour ago on the back side of the mall. so far there's no evacuations at the mall. it doesn't open for an hour. it's something we'll keep tabs on. robin for christina today. >> looks more like summer, 80s, mid-90s, 92 livermore, 70, san francisco a little cooler tomorrow. widespread cooling will hold off until the middle part of the week as the sea breeze starts to kick on once again. another local news update coming up in just a half hour. right now lets send you backed to "today" show.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
♪ carry on welcome to "today" on this monday morning, april 22nd, 2013. in case you didn't know, it is earth day, baby. >> yes. >> we are going green f the entire hour. we're going to spend most of our time outside with a good-sized crowd that's gather here on monday morning. for now, we're inside studio 1a. >> what's with the lips? did you see the lips?
8:58 am
somebody's got a bad outfit. >> wow. i'm with al roker, as you may have noticed, natalie morales. i went for wax on those. we're going to get to take three in just a minute, but there's so much news going on, so we want to begin right there with natalie. >> let's get started. investigators have started their investigation of the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev has trouble speaking because of a gunshot wound to his throat and has to respond mostly in writing. federal prosecutors plan to file terrorism charges against him as early as today. the fbi also wants to talk to the widow of his older brother tamerlan tsarnaev, who was killed early friday in a shootout with police in a boston suburb. meantime, boston
8:59 am
people and wounded more than 170. a funeral is being held today for one of the victims, restaurant manager, crystal campbell and a memorial service will be held on campus for boston university graduate student, lui ling xi. farmlands are under water across large stretches of the midwest. river levels are rising across the nation's heartland. near st. louis, more than 100 barges broke free in the rain-swollen mississippi, disrupting river traffic. at least three people have already died in the floodwaters, including an indiana man whose pickup truck was swept away by a raging creek. in texas, more people could be allowed to return to their homes today, near the scene of the massive fertilizer plant explosion. officials say they have located the spot where the explosion took place wednesday, but still do not know exactly what caused it. the blast killed at least 14 people, injured about 200 and
9:00 am
destroyed or damaged dozens of homes and businesses. new images obtained by nbc news show the scene inside a nursing home, employees and rescuers struggled to pull 130 elderly residents from the rubble. rescuers in china are scrambling to reach communities cut off during a massive earthquake on sunday. at least 188 people were killed, and more than 11,000 others were injured in china's sichuan province. a second senate judiciary hearing today for sweeping immigration reform, this as a bipartisan ground of lawmakers backing the bill urged the committee to act quickly on the issue as some conservative politicians called the delayed debate on immigration after the boston marathon bombing. a suspected meteorite in argentina was caught on video sunday morning. a band stopped playing at a concert and the crowd gaped in amazement at the ball of light as it burned up across the night sky.
9:01 am
tom cruise dominated the weekend box office. early estimates show his science fiction thriller, "oblivion" taking the top spot. the jackie robinson story, "42" slipped to second and the prehistoric comedy "the croods" came in third. >> the cat has us wondering if the vacuum got his tongue. most cats afraid of the vacuum cleaner. this is pretty remarkable. get him to tidy up a little bit around the house. >> willie used to do that, but that was in college. that was a whole another thing. >> yeah. >> not exactly the smartest feline, we might add, but very cute. >> yeah, cute. we've all been there i guess at one time or another. >> a different sort of vacuum effect. >> all right, mr. roker.
9:02 am
there's lots of weather to check. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by digestive advantage. probiotic for digestive health. by the way, we want to remind you our wake up with al contest, a chance for me to come to your house, whether you like it or not. log on to you've got until wednesday, april 24th. to enter. you have to fill out an essay. a video essay as well, if you want to. we have all the rules coming up at i'll b coming up at i'll be singing that wham song when i come to your home, just to make it that much more enticing. let's ok at your weather, see what we've got for you today. we've got a front. behind it much colder air. more snow for the dakotas and montana on into the upper midwest. we're talking about anywhere from three to six inches of snow. some areas pickingp as much as
9:03 am
nine inches over the next 24 hours. to the south of that, we've got more heavy rain where they don't need it along the misssippi river, from parts of nebraska all the way climbing already around the bay area. 70s fairfield, concord towards livermore, mid-60s in san jose and san francisco. slight offshore breeze in livermore hinting at the warm day ahead as high pressure builds. we see temperatures upper 80s to low 90s for most of the bay area away from the inner bay. 70s to mid-80s around san francisco and oakland. tomorrow just a little bit cooler than significant cooling by wednesday and thursday as the sea breeze picks up. we'll see low clouds return and a much more mild finish to the seven-day forecast. and that's your latest weathe >> all right, al, thanks a lot. let's get to today's take three. we want to start in boston. where else could westart? as that investigation goes on that natalie was talking about. want to look back at the weekend and some othe tributes that were paid, beginning mday at
9:04 am
the marathon there. a moment of silence 30 seconds before the beginning of the race. a lot of the winners there wearing black ribbons to pay tr tribute. >> a couple of runs here i new yorkity as well. meanwhile, also, you saw the boston red sox game this weekend. it was really amazing. great moments there. first just staing with the uniforms. they replaced the red sox on t front with just boston. everybody feeling the boston strong. >> and then neil diamond coming out sging that song "sweet caroline." >> sort of the anthem of the red sox, "sweet caline." take a listen. ♪ gd times never seemed to go good so good good i've been inclined ♪ >> that was a great moment, and we have to point out nei diamond called the red sox' switchboard. >> took the red eye. >> he surprised them, showed up there for the eighth inning and said hey, can i sing? anthere you have it. >> imagine being on the other end of that call. this is neil diamond.
9:05 am
>> yeah, sure. >> it's boston. they're not going to buy that. >> you know what's nice about all this? is that it really brings people together. makes them feel more of a community and people really -- i think in a time where we're so separated with twitter and facebook and all the social dia, it just makes people want to hug eac other and be together. >> it's a shame it took this, but it is true. >> absolutely. >> the great mike barnacle of boston said fenway was like a basilica in the back bay over the weekend. >> that's a gat way to put it. >> and by the way, david ortiz, the slugger, known as big papi, gave a pregame speech that has turned into the most popular t-shirt in new england. here's what he said, with bleeps. >> we bleeped. >> this is our [ bleep ] city. [ cheers and applause ] and nobody goi to dictateus stay strong. thank you. >> this is our blanking city is the tch phrase. the head of the fcc, by the way, tweeted out and said i stand
9:06 am
with big papi. here it is right here. he spoke from the heart. i stand with big papi. >> because you know that the fcc can sometimes crack down on these things. >> yes. >> it was a moment, it was emotion. >> there were kids in the audience as well. >> it came from the het. key sanders did a really nea piece about some you girls, 9 and 10-year-olds who set up a lemonade stand, thought they would raise a couple bucks for martin richard and his family. something now around like $5,000. some bright spots in the middle of all this. here's a rn. reese witherspoon, you may h he heard, arrested over the weekend. apologizing now for some strange behavior. she was in atlanta with her husban her husband was driving. he was pulleover on suspicion of dui. his blood alcohol level thought to be reported to 139. >> she got a little heated,
9:07 am
apparently, allegedly, according to the police. they said she said do you know who i am? >> s was probably scared, too. >> she was scared. >> you get scar. >> she also said they had a little too much to drink. >> she made a mistake. she'apologized. >> she owned up to it. >> she said do you know who i am? you're going to find out. it's going to be in the natiol ws. >> she was right on that. >> this is her statement, by the way. she said, "i clearly had one drink too many, i am deeply barrassed about the things i said. i have nothing bespe for the police and i'm very sorry for my behavior." >> okay, slet's move on. >> i wouldn't have pegged her for the don't you know who i am ty. >> but you know what? she had a bad da >> it was the booze talking. let's go to take three. this is a great story. especially if you're in thert field. this is the kind of commitment we should be seeing everyingle day. dedication. a news reporter in cna about to get married. she's in her wedding dress. >> getting madup. >> it's wedding day on saturday.
9:08 am
natalie just reported on this earthquake in sixuan province. she gets out of the chair, rac and reports on the story in her wedding dress. >> that's pretty impressive. >> did about teninutes of interviews. interviews of survivors there. she's holding the whe dress. >> and the veil. >> later on she tossed the microphone, somebody caught it. [ ughter ] >> i wonder what her husband felt like. >> she was there. she made it to theceremony. >> imagine if you're maring her and she's gone. >> when duty calls, though. >> she married theamera man. >>ou know, that's a good plan. because they can do that together, you see? it's smart. >> sounds like a jennifer aniston movie. >> she got married really quickly, and then she went back and ctinued her reporting. >> wow. that's dedication. >> a bonus take for you. this is earth day today. it's earth week as well. nbc universal. so to celebrate we're donating
9:09 am
this full hour to teaching you wayso enjoy life while keeping it green. fashion, entertainment, cooking, we're going to cover all of that. we're asking you to share with us some of your favorite ways to bring a little kin to the environment. here's some of what you said. r.d. copeland tweeted us, i build raw bale and ear plasr homes. can you explain what that means? >> he's got two brothers. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> we applaud him for what he's doing. >> i bet it smells goodtoo. >> another one. lindsay says her forite way to save the planet,sing cloth apers an wipes. >> i heard about that when i had my daughter. >> and then what happened? >> i think i tried it for, like, two days. >> you have to watch them. i thought the smell, and the sink is full of you know what. >> why do you hate the environment? >> willie!
9:10 am
>> giada knows being green is a ar round deal. she's been working with ks in an elementary school in l.a. to plant a gardennd grow their own food. >> that's terrific. >> how did this come about? >> what i did in partnership with my agency is that we adopted the school i compton, californ. it's foster elementa, and there's a lot of actual kids who are foster kids in the school. what i really wanted to do tru was just allow them to have a pleasant, fun, educational experience, and inspiring their spirits when they go to school. a lot of kids don't likthe school, and i wanted to beautify the school somehow. i found a great area and built this garden. they just grow all these wonderful things. a lot ofids don't really know what vegetables are. they made zucchini bread and all of a sudden they a now in love with zucchini. so i just feel it's a different way to introduce all the wonderful things that we have where they come from.n't realize >> it looks beautiful, too. and you'll be back later in the
9:11 am
houro cook with us. off the living wall. the herbs. >> you and i are cooking together. coming up ne, going green in style wit some ecofriendly fashion. >> nice. >> that's right after this. ♪ [ female annou] real fruit flavors.
9:12 am
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9:14 am
it's a small change that can make a big difference. and for continuousdor neutralization... usnew glad odorshield withfe. "today" goes green i brought to you by glad trash bags. alchange, big difference. >> this morning on "today gs green", eco chic. let'talk aut ecofriendly faion. a t of people are like what does it really mean is it really ecofriendly material? >> well, it can be a lot of things. the great news is that it doesn't look ecofriendly anymore, so we're thinking about materials, we're thinking aut how things are made, you know, fair trade and labor, and the
9:15 am
health of our soil and the watere use. so it's a lot of things now. it's not just organic cotto anymore. >> there you go. let's getoit. first, starting out with ecofriendly florals, and we have heher along with her 7-year-o daughter fiona. >> yes, and they are both wearing the h&m conscious collection. you guys may have seen this on the runway when helen hunt at the oscars wore that conscious collection dress, which waso affordable, and that's the great news. this collection is the same price as h&m's other clothing, which hasn't always been the case. so heather is wearing this gorgeous it. most expensive thing is $34. >> wow. and that's the pants. the floral pant. she's also wearing these fantastic organic cotton shoes. these are just $49. >> tho are cotton shoes? >> organic cotton. and theheare so chic. you can't tell. >> and look at fiona with that beautiful dress. >> isn't it beautiful? >> it's actually made out of
9:16 am
recycled polyter. both of their looks are. it's plastic bottles creating this fabric. >> but it doesn't feel like plastic bottles. >> not at all. it's so soft. consumers, they really want clothes that are ecofriendly but feel the same. >> they look gorgeous. thanks so much. next trend is to the max. we have our mod saba. what does it mean to go to the max? >> nothing is more incredible than a maxi dress in warm weather. it's so easy and so comfy. and saba is wearing this great printed maxi from ecoskin. it made out of tinsel, which is a new fiber. it's made out of a eucalyptus plant, which is renewable. it's just $68. her vests waterless denim. it takes up to 90% water to produce this denim line, a little known fact. >> that's grt. i love the bag, too. looks gorgeous. thank you so much. next, we're loving colored
9:17 am
leather, and our model is michelle. is this really leather? >> it's vegan leather. we've seen stars like anne hathaway at the oscars wearing vegan leather shoes and natalie portn has been a big proponent of vegan leather. >> sometimes vegan leather doesn't look like real leather, but not in this case. >> yes, not in this case. it's ftastic looking. it's just $59. she's got a great pair of trouser jeans. this was was founded to foster tradeith africa. >> okay, thanks so much, michelle. next we have the chamby and peplum look. >> two huge trends. the shirt of the season. so this shirt, again, is made out of tinsel. it's just $48. theskirt, we love. it is a fun peplum style.
9:18 am
it's made under fair trade practices. it's made by a woman's cooperative in ghana. and it's so beautiful. >> solorful. thank you very much. next we have our ecoswim category. >> thi is a bathing suit line, it's ecofridly. they're two identical twin brothers who were surfers. they saw all the plastic bottles on the beach. they thought let's marry great design and also ofriendly materials. so seven plastic bottoms go into each bathing suit. so this is also made out of recycled polyester. >> looks great. they all look great. it gs to show you that ecochi has gone so far in such a short amount o time. thanks so much. thanks to our beautiful ladies and our lovely girl fiona. coming up, invitations to
9:19 am
tableware. green entertaining. that's comg up. from home repae written by people just like u. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews yocan trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. i'll bebooop. back. hi, listen i think you could do better. oh no, he's a nice g. no i'm talking about your yogurt. see dannon oikos is so rich and thick and smoot so smooth. in a national taste test dannonikos fat free strawberry flavor beat chobani 2 to 1. mmmm. stamos? look babe - i'm doing better. she means the yogurt. join us babe. try it for yourself. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt.
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9:22 am
quaker up. coming up, with the weather warming up, at least in some places, we're going to give your backyard party a lite green toh. >> that's right. giada cooking some of t stuff from our green wall. >> but first, your local news and weather. [ poof! ] wooo! hey there! i'm yourav4 genie. got any wishes? i wish my son was safer. well, this rav4 has a blind spot monitor and 8 airbags. whoa! how about when he's not in the car? right. [ snaps ngers ] [ laughter ] oh, no. oh, yeah wooo! use your knees. [ male announcer ] the all-new rav4. toyota. let's go places. [ male announcer ] the all-new rav4. i'my body doesn't work the way it useto. past my prime? i'm victim oa slowing metabolism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients
9:23 am
like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend. good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. crews are working to repair a broken gas line near the valley fair mall. about an hour ago construction crew punctured a 3 inch gas line on the back side of the mall on forest avenue. no one was hurt and no evacuations are under way. no word yet on when crews plan to have that leak capped. the mall doesn't open on mondays for another half hour. san mateo county celebrating earth day banning plastic bags.
9:24 am
starting today stores in unincorporated parts in dozens of cities will ban bags. customers will have the option to buy a paper bag for a dime. the law effects groceries, convenience store and other shops but not restaurants. plastic bags will also be used for produce, meats and prescription medicine. a san francisco school getting a special visit from a giant. sergio romo will hang out with students at washington high part of the math program. it inspires student athletes to challenge themselves academically and complete a college degree. see if they will be that excited. weather and traffic right after this.
9:25 am
just before 9:0, we're seeing temperatures in the 70s already. inland out towards the east bay, 64 san francisco, 66 in san jose. a light offshore breeze will ensure even the coast will warm up into the 70s and low 80s today. upper 80s and low 90s inland, which will be very close to breaking some records for today. tomorrow a little bit cooler, then we'll see a big cooldown as
9:26 am
the sea breeze cranks up wednesday into thursday. a loot a your monday commute. here is mike. >> it's well lit because of the sunshine. things are very slow right now. south 880 through fremont. a heavy burst of traffic continuing to build over the last 20 minutes and now all this slowing. basically on the maps you see it's just south of this area, dumbarton, everything north okay, 680 slowing. tail end building into the south bay and jammed up around 880 and 101. 280, 105. a little extra late burst north 85 heading towards 101 and also some slowing east 237 probably what's causing congestion on 185. track that through the mountain view area, laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. hope you've enjoyed today.
9:27 am
back now with more of "today" this earth day, april 22nd, 2013. i'm willie geist alg with al rokeand natalie morales. we're going to spend the rest of the hour out here on the plaza. we're going greenn earth day. before we do that, though, al, we have the lips explain. lips around the world. th is a tribute to the mayor of phoenix, new york. battling a health challenge right now.
9:28 am
they are in support of lips around the world. good for you all. >> very nice. >> in the interest of going green, we're going to help you with your backyard party. everythi is recyclable or compostable, all the stuff you use at your party. so we're getting into that in a little bit. >> h about going green with your menu? giada de laurentiis is here to show owe hyou how to take stuff of your backyd garden and make a fantastic feast. >> we're going to show you what new york city wants to do with all of its garbage that we throw out every day, especially all of those gallon containers. >> a lot of those staed up on the sidewalks. >> before all that,, though, a has look at the weatr. >> let's look at yr week ahead. starting this part of the week, as you can tell, below normal temperatures along the eas coast, above normal from the southwest into the west coast. below normal tempetures in the plai with snow. midweek period, it's going to stay a little on the cool side
9:29 am
from the plains all the way down to texas, below normal tempures, snow showers, wet weather along the east coast, sunny and warm out west. latter part of the week, we're looking for below normal temperatures in the east. rain and thunderstormsn the mississippi riv valley where they d't need it. if you wld love for me to show up at your house and d the weather, is called "wake up with al." that's right. if you'd like to have me ce to your home and do the weather, go to we've got all the rules, regulations, everything you need to know coming up. so go to, and you too can wake up with al. don't you want to wake up w a calmer view in san francisco right now. little hints of a sea breeze. not enough to prevent a warm day around the peninsula. we're talking upper 70s to mid-80s in some spots atop the higher hills of san francisco. cooler towards embarcadero, 85
9:30 am
in oakland and upper 80s and low 90s closer to san jose. tri-valley some of the hottest places today. tomorrow nearly as warm. then we start to cool off thanks to a stronger sea breeze middle part of the week. "today goes green" is brought to you by glad trash gs. small change, big difference. >> this morning on "today goes green," throwing an ecofriendly backyard party. rebecca george is here with some great ideas. good to see you. >> why hello there. >>ou see more and more of these ecofriendly ideas for your backyard, which can actually -- you can use inside as well. >> you're right. it's a really great idea to go green when you're doing a party. we've always been about this. these are some of our faves. an evite is best, but if you
9:31 am
want to send an invitation, 100% recyclable material. completely antable. throw it in the ound, blossoms. >> i was at a hotel recently and it had the cards that had the seeds in them. >> that's what this is. and so is this, al. if you're thinking about how you're goingo demo your food, these are plantable. want a carrot? completely plaable afterwards. they'll sprout some flowers. >> that's pretty cool. >> now,decor. you want to look for recyclable materi materis. bamboo. comes with your complete kit. bamboo andecyclable materials. >> it's a lot more durable. it's stronger. >> you're right. so ditch the plast and go for these. under 0. thesere one of our faves. >> so you're bringing a present. >> we can do a little demobut i love this. anyone can do this. a runner for yourable. go to your local hardware store. diy garland. take your old magazines, text
9:32 am
heavy to give that vintagy lo. make your own garland. all you have to do is fold these up. veryvintagy. balloons. these are completel- the will not get into the ground. >> they're biodegradable. >> biodegradable. u can have balloons at your party. how co is that? >> and biodegradable sandwiches! that's amazing. >> when you eat it, they will be. a really great way to tie up your sandwich, because you can use this afterwards, is your napkin. so just take your sandwich, put it in the bandanna, tie it up and you'll be good to go. >> all right. charcoal. burn clean. is is coconut charcoal. it burns clea it's chemical-free. so great. >> if you're going to grill a margaritar peina colada, this is perfect. >> very vintagy and chic. a great way to get water.
9:33 am
this is a zing anything. take this, put it in tre. press it down. then afterwards, you put your water i it, and the fruit will infuse up. it's bpa-free, so it's a great option. >> our director uses this with vodka. >> i love him. i love him. speaking of wine you wt t go fair trade and organic and even local, great options from bontera. now we talk about setting the mood. a little light. this is elemental sun jars. during the day, it takes all the sunlight, and then at night, you turn it on and it completely lights up. >> really? >> yeah. so it's a great option. and you can't forget about those bugs these are bug bands. it is made from natul ingredients that keep the bugs away. you put these on, they're only $5, and the bugs will stay away. >> and when they land, you ju -- >> a little b party. >> a little bug party! whoo! zing it. it's a good time.
9:34 am
>> i like it. >> rebecca george fm, thanks so much. >> thank you. anstill ahead here on the "today" show, we've got a lot more coming up right afterhese messages. imagine enough plastic to cover mt. rainier. what if we could keep that much plastic waste out of landfills each year. by using just one less trash bag each month... we can. and ad forceflex bags stretch until they're full. so you canake them o less often. it's a small change
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9:38 am
cracker barrel. it's chedr, perfected. now you be the judge. enjoy a champion cheese, anytime. earth day. we're talking trash. and in new york, justike everything else, our trash is getting a makeover. msnbc's alex wagner is re to explain. good morning, alex. >> good morning, natalie. happy earth day. tomorrow,ayor bloomberg is announcing a major change to the way all of us in new york recle our garbage. because of that, for the first time ever, containers like this are gog to be recyclable. we're going to see a landmark change inhe way new yorkers deal wh their h. it's going to save us a lot of money. this i waverly, viinia. but a whoho lot of new york city is buried right here.
9:39 am
new york pays big bucks to ship out its trash. >> theere and now with recycling is it costs us a lot less to recycle than to send it to landfill. >> n york city has no active landfills, so it currently ships ree million tons of trash a year to be buried up state, as well as in pennlvania, virginia, ohio, and south carolina, at a price tag of $300 million. >> the rea value of recling is short-term. instead of $90 a ton, it could st us $70 a ton. >> mor bloombergants to double the composting rate to 30%. the effts would be significant, considering that every new yorker sends 700 pound of trash to ldfills every year. >> waste is simply an indication of inefficiency. it's inefficient for society. it's inefficient financially. and it's inefficient environmentally.
9:40 am
according to the epa, americans produce 250 million tons of garbage in 2010, and recycled or composted about a third of it, 85 million tons. another 29 million tonsf tra were burned to make fuel. but the majority of america's garbage was buried in landfills. 135 million tons of trash. the equivalent of 370 empire state buildings. in the landfill, you let things break down as bes you can and what you're main with is the remaining substances that you'reoing to have to take care of for a long time. >> not all cits recycle equally. >> san franciscans are diverting 80% of our waste from the landfill. >> no doubt some part of that has do with the city's garbage tax. >> the more that you recycle and compost in san francisco, the lor your garbage bills. in new rk, mayor bloomberg is spending money to save money. a new recycling facility will allow residents to recycle all kinds of plastics, including
9:41 am
at most new york of plastics, the takeout container. >> it used to be you cou only recycle a certain kind of plastic ananthere was a mark on the bottom. number one, i can never remember which was theood mark or the bad mark. number two, i could never find it. and with my eyes, i couldn't really see it. the new processes are if it's rigid, we take it. >> the mayor estimates that by 2017, this recycling push will ve $60 million a year. >> i'm 71 years old. i'm probably not going to see 2050. >> we hope you do. >> well, you're nice to say so. it not clear everybody else does. but the bottom line is i'd like my kids who are going to be around in 2050, god willing, to be able to breathe clean air and to live. >> with each piece of trash recycled, a little less of america and i future is buried in the grou. good news, guys, is that we can order that takeout with a little less gut. these containers are now going
9:42 am
toe recyclable. >> i was shocked to learn that those are not already recyclable. i've spent a decade recycling those. >> washing them out. >> you've already been in the practice. >> the yogurt cups, too. >> yes. eat that yogurt with abandon. >> thank you, alex. we'll have more on this topic on your show tomorrow at noon. >> we will. coming up next, giada is goingreen i the kitchen. she'll show us what toake with all these tiful herbs. cog up right after this. ye, kfc! original recipe. original recipe? dad, i think you ate the bone i did what? you ate the bones! i ate the bones? i ate the bones!
9:43 am
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9:46 am
tell them about light & fi greek nonfat yogurt twice the protein and 80 calories. thick... creamy. taste satisfying, right? eat! light and fit greek! ♪ dannon! this morning on "today's kitchen goes green," some off-the-wall cooking. back with us, giada de laurentiis. we mean that quite literly when we sayff the wall. this is the living wall. >> there's lots of beautiful herbs growing here. they do this at restrants, and they even do it for people's homes. pretty cool, isn't it? >> so a chef would actually have one of these out back? >> yes, and they go clip their rbs and make pesto and salad d even a dri with it. >> we're going t make some pesto ravioli, i understand. >> this is a very tall wall. i'm a very petite woman.
9:47 am
>> are you going to ask me to get up there? >> i thought you could give me a little push. >> i'm going to boost you up here? is this a good idea? >> h can handle it. >> what are we going for so i know where to aim? >> just don't knock me over. some laveer, parsley. >> she's going to be up there a while. >> you get to pick o. >> i'm going to go for se thyme. ready? oh it, i can't get it. >> she got the the. >> she's got the thyme, you got the muscle. >> good thing i didn'tat breakfast so far today. we're going to start withn herb salad. starting with arugula. and then we're going to add -- >> is that parsley? >> it's parsley. it's basil. throw some thyme in. some lemon thyme. i like to clip some chives as well for that sweet onion
9:48 am
flavor. >> this is right up your alley, natalie. >> is that fennel that you put on top? >> natalie couldo it. >> i'll give you a boost. >> this is the great thing. wee going to dress it with a little vinegarette. i like to p some edible flowers. >> how do you know? >> where do you get an edible flower? >> from the edible flower store. >> you can get them at the grocery store. >> i've seen them at the grocery store. >> i put it right over the top. what i love, even on mother' day, is to grill some chicken or steak and serve it right over the top. >> most people don't have a ving wall, so where am i gettg my herbs? >> at the grocery store or you can plantinour yard or kitcn. >> all right, a little pesto now. >> so we're going to add all these different herbs. basil, parsley, mint for sweetness.
9:49 am
that is al's secret ingredient. >> it's the anchovy piece. it's that salty bite you can't get from anything else. >> that looks good. >> there we go. >> you just don't tell people youut i in. little salt and pepper. going to put some pine nuts in there for a littl richness, some parmesan cheese. >> a little olive oil, right? >> the first thing we're going to do, actually, natalie, t first thing we're going to do is -- >> got to turn it back on. okay, now try it. okay. >> so i turn it on to break up all the herbs. and then we can start adding the olive oil. >> it probably emulsifies better that way, right? >> you took the top off. >> usuly you're supposed to
9:50 am
add it while it'srunning. >> but if you do that, it won't -- hirin a professional ch! >> it's different. >> if you get the gia de laurentiis one. >> at target. >> there's thepesto. >> the ravioli. >> stop! ge it together. cheese ravioli. >> with that delicious pest >> what's in the drink? >> the drink is awesome. it's vodka infused with rosemary, oregano, and lavender. add sparkli water and sweet vermouth. >> thankso much we'll be back with more "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
coming up tomorrow on
9:53 am
"today," a performance from michael buble. >> ao coming up with hoda and kathie lee, we've got jas kennedy with all your celebrity
9:54 am
to rob them at gunpoint. he was shot in the shoulder. the victim is expected to recover and the gunman is still on the run. in san lorenzo, police are trying to figure out how a woman died in her own driveway. the woman in her 50s was found early sunday morning lying in a pool of blood outside her home on silver leaf drive near east 14th street. sheriff's department said the coroner must determine whether the woman was the victim of a crime. time to check that forecast, a warm day on tap. >> watching mostly clear skies, summer-like forecast in the afternoon with upper 70s to mid-80s around the inner bay. upper 80s possible from redwood to palo alto. 80s and low 90s inland for the
9:55 am
afternoon. today should be the hottest of the next seven days. tomorrow temperatures still a little on the warm side inland. probably not quite as hot as today. for the middle part of the week, sea breeze picks up. that's when the temperatures start to cool back 70s and 80s inland. that's a look at the weather. check your monday commute. >> check with christina, during the hottest time getting a drink. westshore 880 shows a good volume of traffic. speeds are picking up. look at the map, a smooth drive now. we have a new crash before we took that shot. that's farther east. we're looking off the merge, richmond bridge, around golden gate. watch for congestion, slow out of richland. oakland slow as well. not a big deal. it's the south bay where there's a concern. 85 and 280 have crashes in the northbound commute direction. this is the big concern east 237 outside of sunnyvale causes slowing, north 85 slow out of cupertino. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update coming
9:56 am
up in half an hour. hope you get a chance to enjoy your monday morning. have a great one.
9:57 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kate lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, we're so glad you're with us, it's fun-day moay, april 22nd, it is earth daytoday. >> yes. >> not just because of that but i thi we're all celebrating that the drama came to, we pe,
9:58 am
an end, there's still questionings remaining. >> i've got to tell you, if you were watching tv, watching it unfold. when 8:40 or something hit and the police announced they had captured him. it was like you got to watch someing real-time unfold. when they had the parade of police offics and stuff and everybody was applauding them after they had captured him and there was a moment when a big s.w.a.t. team went by and they blared, it was our pleasure. >> and everyone started to clap and cry. >> they caught the ynger brother alive. now it' tim for justice. >> yes. yet to be determined how and when that's going to happen. i guess he's responding now. if there's some question whether he put aun in his own mouth and tried to mmit suicide. or whether that was result of the gun battle the night before. or -- hard to know. >> he lost a lot of bloodnd
9:59 am
there's the photo of him. and they said he was shot in the neck. so either he tried to take his n life or -- >> yeah. >> we're not going to tel you how to be scessful at that, but apparently it's all about the angle. >> i'm so glala -- he's respding, not speaking, but writing answers down. i inkhat's the thing. now we kw who and now we want to know the why. >> able to write down the answers, because he got a very fine education from this country. his family was given asylum. he was given an ucation, given scholarship moy. >> and he seemed to have similated. when they kept interviewing his friends, and this is what struck me. he went back to his college campus and talked to people after the mbing. >> he was tweeting, i'm stresstresss stress-free kind of guy. went to the gym. he said, tragedies happen all the time. all over. >> well neil diamond has a way of putting it --
10:00 am
>> have i told you about neil diamond, hoda? >> well, he's your lover. >> not exactly, but i doove him. that's how things get started. tell the story, it's so cute the way he showed us. >> he took a red-eye that night. you know his song, "sweet caroline" is always played at fenway park. and he called the switchboard and said i'd love to sing a fenway park. he ended up singing right there at the game. and therowd just went nuts. >> i would go insane, anyway, if he showed up, i'm such auge fan of his. personally and artistically. he realized they're playing a game tomorrow. he got on a plane. that's patriotm every bit as much as anything else. we're not like dear friends or anything but i remember rticularly about six years ago
10:01 am
or something like that i was interviewing him and wead one of those great, so rarelyo we get a chanceo spend long time witmeone. i think it was abo an hour and 15 minutes. really went tough his wle career and all of that. and i kept lng at the shirt he had on. it was like one of those velvet, i know that sounds tacky. but it wasn't, it was crushed velvet, it was a great shirt and i remember saying to him, i would love to have a sofa made out of that. that is the greatest-looking shirt. he sd thank you so much. after i was getting ready to leave. he wal out of dressing room and literally gave me the shirt off his back. he gave it to me. i in turn, because this is the way i roll, gave it to my pastor who is a huge neil diamond fan and i've really been sorry ever since i gave it to him. >> you should have kept it. >> i know. >> can we talk for one second, i'm only gngo talk fe secondss about my dog. and that's it. >> what a weekend you had. it was your mom's birthday.
10:02 am
>> blake took a road trip with me to rehoboth beach with me in th car, for fr hours. look w is walking ake. >> oh, hi, we're walki blake. >> there's my mom. >> everybody got in on the blake fun. >> how did blake do in the car -- >> look wt's happening. >> how is it walking him? >> good. >> he good? >> uh-oh. >> her huh-oh. here comes trouble. now, let's remember, he has not been fixed yet. >> he's three months old. >> no, he's five. they already did it. >> i thought you had to wait six months. >> oh, maybe he's six months, then. because they already did it. he's been fixed. is that legal in. >> no, i don't know. >> let's talk about our friend reese witherspoon. >> everybody loves reese witherspoon. we were so happy when she found
10:03 am
happiness, and had another baby with james toth, an agent -- not her agent, but an agent out in los angeles. and then -- >> huh-oh! she had one of those nights that you wish you could probably un-ring the bell and do all over. >> that's a darn good one. >> if you're going to have one, you might as well as have your eyeshadow showing. they got pulled over. her husband had apparently had too much to drink. they did one -- he blew in the tube. >> the breathalyzer. >> right. and he was .39 -- >> .08 is the legal limit. >> is drunk. that was not the issue. it's what she allegedly did. >> yeah. >> she stood by her man. >> they took him out of the car, and she said she wanted to get out of the car. and the officer told her to stay in the car. i think he said, it says here, ms. witherspoon began to hang out the window, saying she didn't believe i was a real police officer. i told ms. witherspoon to sit on her butt and be quiet. ms. witherspoon responded, do
10:04 am
you know my name? i answered, no, i don't know your name right now. ms. witherspoon stated, you are about to find out who i am. you're about to be on national news. >> well, that's true, but so is she. i don't think she was speaking clearly, thinking clearly either. this is what i don't understand. she did have a statement, which i thought was terrific. out of respect for the ongoing legal -- that's not what i'm going to read. no, the one where she says she -- yeah, it goes down further. >> yeah, yeah. >> out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, i can't comment on everything being reported now. but i do clearly -- i just clearly had one drink too many. and i'm deeply embarrassed about the things i said. it was definitely a scary situation. i was frightened for my husband. but that is no excuse. i was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. the words i used that night definitely do not reflect who i am. i have nothing but respect for the police and i'm very sorry for my behavior. that, people, is an apology. >> yeah, she took complete ownership of it. but here's what i don't
10:05 am
understand. whether it's lindsay lohan driving around or reese and her husband. why is it sometimes that the people that can afford it the most just don't get a car and driver? >> right. >> they can afford to have somebody -- if they're going to go out for a night on the town, have a couple of drinks, get a car -- >> or call a cab. >> call a cab. something. >> i know. i do have to say when i was watching the earlier story, i was -- they showed her movies. >> we love reese! >> all i could think of was, i want to see "sweet home alabama" and the johnny cash movie. >> and "legally blond." >> yeah, i love those movies. >> she's a great actress and a lovely, lovely person. we all make mistakes. i made one saturday night, but i'm not going to tell you about it. >> what did you do? >> we went to our friend care creole's birthday party. we went to a restaurant del posto. and is it mario batalli? they had a couple of restaurants. >> the food was great. >> fantastic, but we also had
10:06 am
wine. we had a great guy named michael who drove us there and drove us home. you can't -- we're the very same people that they always ask to do -- don't drink and drive, psas. you can't do it. >> right. right. hoda? >> yeah, do the drink and drive psa. >> we have to show you this girl that doesn't want to buckle her seat belt. we haven't seen it, so let's see it. >> no. why not yourself? >> can i help? >> no. >> you want me to help? >> no. thank you. >> what do you want me to do? >> help yourself. >> worry about yourself. >> worry about yourself. i do this one, so i'm going to do that. you drive! . [ laughter ] >> no! >> you worry about yourself.
10:07 am
>> reminds me of cassidy, i made her -- i was crazy about her saying thank you. no. thank you. >> thank you. >> parents doing everything right. you have to love that guy. >> how about favorite thing, shall we? >> shall we? first of all, brilliant minds work together. look what we both want to talk about. this is our dear friend bobbi have a very big year. getting married at my house on may 31st. >> yes, she is. >> this is the first -- this is her book kickoff, a beautiful week. we want to get her on the bestseller list. >> by the way, her book is really good. >> it's really good! >> it talks about body shape and what clothes you're supposed to wear for your body shape. apparently, i'm -- what is it? when you're short-wasted. >> uh-huh. >> i've been wearing the wrong clothes. how about that? >> some of us didn't listen. >> also, you're in the front. did she write in your book? >> i took mine home. this is an extra one. jerry's personal copy.
10:08 am
we love her. >> true. >> "today" kicks off green, universal week. i have a green puckett, also my favorite things. >> right over there. >> yes. yes. art that heals bags. they're made of discarded containers and water bottles, and a portion of the proceeds go to child health. >> that's great. >> a nonprofit that helps to prevent child abuse. love those, ladies. you've met them. >> yes, such great people. >> it's fantastic idea! >> i like it. >> and we also have bob harper on the show. he's got a great book. >> but sarah said -- >> don't you worry. we're going right to sarah. it's a book about losing weight, and it will help you lose yours. >> it's three weeks to -- >> yeah, three weeks. >> three weeks. i won't do anything he says but let's see if it works. >> by the way, sarah is rocking the crowd. i don't know if you noticed in the early hours, sarah has gotten that crowd lathered up. >> she's a stand-up comedienne. who knew? >> you're giving me way too much credit. >> i've watched you out there. >> the questions are about you,
10:09 am
guys. you're my bestselling product. speaking of products, a green one today. this is light the way candle by aveda. 100% of the proceed guess to clean-water projects around the world. it's a good day to have that. i want to remind you about the deserving mom contest. >> who doesn't think that they are? >> exactly! this is sponsored by so this deserving mom can win a vacation to anywhere in the world with the choice of norwegian cruise line, whichever one you want. tell us if you know a mom who deserves this, even nominate yourself. you have until april 30th. >> do we know who nominates themselves? >> is there something else we have to -- or do we have to go? >> the kentucky derby hats. >> we have to go? >> apparently we'll do some more, tomorrow. >> yeah, all right. he's one of the most talked-about stars of the olympic game, five-time gold medal ryan lofke is going to tell us about his new show. plus big news from
10:10 am
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10:13 am
now yobe the judge. enjoy a champion cheese, anytime. time for today's buzz, time for all the hot hollywood headlines. >> from new photos of kate's baby bump. and jason kennedy is here with more. >> his mom and dad are visiting with more. >> how cute. now we know why you turn out like you did, buddy. practically perfect. >> so bradley cooper, he does all great things, it seems and he did something else just spectacular. >> he's shooting a movie in boston. went to the bedside of jeffrey baughman, junior, a man who lost both legs in the boston bombing. there's the eyeingenic image of a man wheeling him away from the finish line after the incident.
10:14 am
julian edelman, a wide receiver for the new england patriots, took the photo and tweeted it out. it's so great, here's a guy who has gone through so much. these guys are busy, they came to visit him and it looks like jeffrey is doing well. >> god bless him. >> isn't he the one that woke up and remembered seeing one of the bombers. >> and told authorities. he gave them a description. >> incredible. >> let's switch gears a little bit. justin bieber has been having some trouble. but there's a photo floating around of him and his old girlfriend, selena gomez. >> it was a big story last week that selena and justin were both in norway together. we didn't have photographic evidence, now we do. this is serious news here. here's the photo. put it up on an instagram account and removed it after a few minutes. >> you can't tell where it was taken. >> but they are together and she went to his concert in denmark over the weekend as well. a lot of people think she's a good influence on his life. but they're young. that's what you do. young love. you get together, you break up.
10:15 am
you break up again. >> could that be part of the reason he's been in a downward spiral. it seems like all the big influences in his life have been gone. >> all the healthy ones. >> that's what so many people say. we can't officially say they're back together the but they are spending tyime and he gave us te photo proof. >> i think there's a suggestion, someone take away his phone. you have >> just take it away. you have to tell me first what you are going to say on it, tweet on it. all he needs is somebody guiding him, think this through r buddy. they're not going to be happy with this familiar. >> a terrible fatal accident. >> todd harrel, clipped another vehicle in nashville, spun a guy out of control, killed him, a 47-year-old man. he admitted that not only was he drinking and driving but had pills, brought the pills to jail, hid them in a sock and he
10:16 am
was arrested for a dui last year. >> what kind of pills? >> xanax. >> that seems to be the next thing that's causing all kinds of problems, not the illegal drugs but the legal ones you can get as prescription. >> absolutely. >> tom cruise hit a home run didn't he? >> big opening. he hasn't had a movie with this type of success in a very, very long time. >> and it did not get great reviews, did it? >> it didn't. it's strong. a good weekend for come cruise with "oblivion." >> do you think it's escapism when there's so much going on i the world, that everybody has been glued. ey said enoughad news. let's watch some unrealad news. >> you got to have shows like that so people canlip or and watch it. >> let's talk about kate's baby bump for a minute. did we see it? >> she is so love by. >> she's wearing this kd of a green jaet and you canisibly see it there.
10:17 am
she did a private and a public appearance at winds castle with a lot of scouts over the weekend. it's visible. she's six months pregnant and you would think, you know, she's nearing the endnd she's going to stay home and just hang out. but she was out last weekend hanging out. she increased her appearances and stuff. so she's gng to be out and about even more now. >> she's so classy. >> she'she best. >> thank you. who is our biggest fan? do you think it's you? >> we'll find out who this week's lucky winner is. >> and he's the win anywhere the pool, olympic swming champion ryan lockd is here talking about his new show. what's it called? >> "what would ryan lochte do?" . now with more treatment options, exelonatch may improve overall function and cognition. your loved one can get a free 30-day trial. and you can have access to nurses. it does not change how the disease progresses.
10:18 am
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♪ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the whole grains quaker chewy bars. today is going to be ec. aker up. your vacuum can leave behind. add resolve deep clean powde before you vacuum. the powder is moist, lifting 3 times more dirt than vacming alone. don't just vacuuclean, resolve clean. when not treated properly, your carpet sins can reappear. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] try resolve stain remover, the rmula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains. and it's fun-daymonday, that means it's time for thean of the week. >> sarlass a lucky winner and it is -- vickie kephart, from kansas
10:21 am
city, missouri, vicky is a fullime nanny, so nap time means kathi lee and ha time in her house. >> according to vick tgif stan for, thank god it's fourth hour. she's not only a loyal viewer but a true show ambassador, she's always talking about the show to friend and family and ev stngers. her facebook wall is full of posts of her favorite "today show" segments, like ambush makeovers. in celebration of earth weekd, nbc universal, we're sending you on a green trip to greensboro, north carolina. >> it's gorgeous there. >> especially this time of year. >> a two-night stay at the platin-certified hotel in u.s.the proximity hotel. an elevato that generate electricity, 100 solar panels that heat the water and a restaurant with views of a ture preserve. it includes lunch and dinner, bike rentals, round-tripairfare for two, provided by the
10:22 am
proximity hotel in greensboro. >> i like her t-shirt. >> she's a party animal that one. >> if you ever find yourself in a bind,ust ask -- what would ryan lochte do? >> the gd medal swimmer tells us about all the fun he's having his new reality show and then the biggest loser trainer bob harper gets you on the road to skinnin three weeks. >> and the must-have fashions. it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, frhness, and nuition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturatefat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. eb's. the only eggs that ke better taste and better nutrition... easy. eggland's st eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb. better eggs. it's the latest haircolor trend. ombré. now l'oréal lets you create this dark to light finiourself.
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10:24 am
it's now 10:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. if you're heading out of town, jumping on an airplane, expect delays at all three air airports. those delays mainly because of the furloughs at the 13 largest airports. faa warning in some cases passengers could see delays up to 90 minutes or more. that is nationwide. this is all part of the sequestration cuts imposed by congress in order try and save more than $600 million. we'll have a look at your local weather and traffic right after this break. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
10:26 am
current temperatures already showing numbers closing in on 80 around livermore, fairfield. some of the warmer places we'll see. slight offshore breeze. we should see the sea breeze kick in later this afternoon. but in the meantime upper 80s to low 90s for valley temperatures, 70s closer to san francisco. cooler temperatures start to arrive tomorrow. more noticeable cooling as the sea breeze really cranks up by wednesday. mike. >> kids on summer break, no. just summer weather. the bay bridge toll plaza turned off metering lights because there's no need for them there. still a little slowdown east shore freeway. the map will show you that. mild slowing through emeryville. looks like 880 around the curve. south of golden gate park we have construction going on. jon, back to you. >> you may not know it, san
10:27 am
mateo is celebrating earth day by banning plastic bags. stores in unincorporated parts of the city will ban those bags. customers now have the option to buy paper bags for a dime. the law affecting grocery and convenience stores, pharmacies and other shops but it will not be affecting restaurants. we'll have much more on the story coming up in half an hour at 11:00 along updates on boston bombing suspects. we'll see you then. welcome back to "today" on this fun monday, he's onef the golden boys of the olympic games, ryan lochte has captured the world's attention winning a total of 11 olympic medals in his career, five of them gold. >> he's diving right into the world of reality tv. >> that's good. >> exactly. a new e show called hat would ryan lochte do?" >> we do that when you're not even here. >> everything from his family to his search for love. take a look. >> would you describe yourself as a player? >> describe player?
10:28 am
going out trying to look for a date, i don't really ha to do that. they come to me. > do youant to go out for dinner? i'll treat u. i don't know whermy love life is going. there's millions and millions of women out there. >> how are you doing? >> fine, how are you? >> i don't want many, i just want one. why can't i find them. >> oh -- there's millions of beautiful women out there, i just want one. >> you're just a humble set boy from gainesville, florida. e we supposed to believe that? >> yes. >> what was wrong wit all of these girls we saw you schmoozing >> honestly, it had nothing to do with them i think it was me. my lifestyle. i'm always on the go. i have appearances that i'm always leaving town. >> what kind of appearaes do you have? >> oigations with my sponsors. >> and so i'm never really at home all the time. and i think. >> do you think tha would be too tough on relationship? >> yes. >> or too tough to develop one
10:29 am
as a result? >> both. >> we know you from t pool from the olympics. now we're seeing the other se of you. for peopleho missed lt night's show, what is the other side? >> the other side -- iea you kn when everyone thinks of an olympian, theyhink they eat, they train, they sleep. that's it. >> thas all they do. >> with methat'sefinitely not the case. i'm the complete opposite. >> tell us. >> i havefun. >> wha do you do for fun? >> i go out and i'm doing stuff, pretty much i could get myself hurt in, basketball, skateboarding. >> why is that a good thing? >> because i'm living life. >> the responsors don't like that, either. >> he's living his life. >> ye >> as long as i have that smile on my face, i'm ling life and i'm havg fun. >> h iways been like that or were you saturated, pruny and you said, that's it. no, ie always been like that. swimming doesn't define me, it's
10:30 am
just a sport that i'm good at. >> you're drinking, clearly in some ofse scenes, how are you training the next morning after the drinking? >> you know i was aays told -- growing up, i mean if you're going to be a man at night, you got to be a man in the rning. meaning if you're going it go out, beat your body up, drk, dance, stay up late, you got to still have a job to do. and you have goals that you still need accomplished. and no matter what the circumstanceis, i'm waking up and i'm going to the pool and i'm putting 110% effort into it >> going to t pool it train and going to the pool in vegas are two very difrent things, aren't they, ryan lochte? >> yes, they are. >> you're obviously a terrific athlete. if you do drink late at night, most athletes wouldn't do that because theyouldn't be top o thei game the next day. you uldn't be top of your game the next day, you have to give 110. >> yes, you can. i have too push my bod that much harder. >> you don't do that during the olympics? >> no, no, tre's --
10:31 am
>> whado you drink, wt is your drink of choice? >> my drink of choice? >> if i had to choose it, it would probably be johnny walker on the rocks. i li that. >> a blonde or brunette. >> don't have a prefence? >> tall or short. >> i don't have a preference. >> heavy o -- >> so far i'm in the running. as long as the woman makes me happy, and makes me laugh, i'm set. >> see, hoda, there's hop for . >> ryan lochte, you take care of yourself. watch out foose, you know what i'm talking abt. >> gold-diggers. >> you can cch all-new episodes of "what would ryan lochte do?" >> three weeks to skinny, coming up with bob harper. after this. it's simple ysics... a body at rest ends tstay at rest...
10:32 am
while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active n actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthriti staying acte can be diffult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor ould balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase he chance a
10:33 am
10:34 am
10:35 am
a. on get fit with kathie lee and hoda, we're helping you reach your weight loss goals in three weeks. >> whether it's class reunion or spring weddings, celebrity fitness expert bob harper says he can help you slim down and
10:36 am
get into sha just in time for the big event. >> he'outs with a new book called "jumpstarto skinny" the three-week plan for super-arged weight loss. >> hi. it's a pl, three weeks, i know that these women wt to get in their wedding dresses in their bathing suits right now and thi plan is goingo get them to meet their goals. >> it seems doable. it seems like people at home could do d. the first tip is salts. >> people are eating such high processed foods right now and i' trying get them eat more healthy, fresh, food that has not been touched so much. you cut that salt and you're going to cut the water weight. that's what i need you to do. >> you go low diumou think did would mean no sodium. >>top it, there's so much sodium in thee food. >> how much salt should you have a day? >> about 1,000 milligrams a day. about a teaspoon-ish. i want you to use like more
10:37 am
herbs and like limes a -- you use things le that tolavor your food, i see people immediately grabbing the salt to throw on to their foods before they even touch it. enough of that. >> what about coffee? good or bad? >> i think it's a huge benefit. in my plan i want you to be able to have cup of coffee, espresso a couple of tim throughout the day. it helps your metabolism, it helps your pformce in the gym. m a big fan of caffeine. within moderation, of course. >>nd you're not a big fan of alcohol. >> i was so excited to talk to you guys about this. becauslike no booze. i got to to talk to these ladies about no booze. it's three weeks. you guys went a whole month. >> we did not. >> did you do it? you went for a month. >> on the air. >> i'm dealing with these women want to look great on their wedding dress i'm like -- >> i'm married for 27 years, i don't care. >> you're going to go on the beac >> no, there's satellites up there. >>.
10:38 am
>> we're the sad souls that do want to do it. tell them how t doit. >> exercise is a part of it. on thing i want people to do i get up, 45 minutes to go for a walk before they have their first meal. easy. >> you're goingo have coffee. that's it >> working out on an empty stach make you burn more caries? >> i thinkt's a greabenefit. it sets the routine. i want you to get littl bit of a workout in, it's low intensity, you'reot going to be pounding it out like we're going to be doing here. but it's like i have a couple of moves, can i get up with you -- like just a squat. if you take your legs a little wider than shoulders and sk down, notice how she's dropping her hips below parallel, i want e big range of motion. ththing about it is when you're using your larger muscle groups, you think it's the leg and glute workoui a full bod workout. >> i feel that after two. >> how many of t should you do. >> in m workout there is are about 15 minutes, if i got you
10:39 am
did three rounds of this, 20 to 30 a round, you're going to be getting the heart re up. that's what i really want and i love that these are your kelebells, i didn't even know that they made kettlebells that small. these are earrings, these are not kettlebells. if youad heavier ones and you were really popping that, take itver your head. straight arms, she's doing a kettlebell swing. u have to hinge forward and pop it up. a move like this isoing to be a great fat-burning movement. >> tnk you sweetie. >> sara, you're skinnier already. >> it's an animal house around here. isn't it always? >> the call of the wild. >> right after this. ey've been smoking for hours. how many hours ectly?
10:40 am
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10:44 am
now to special earthay edition of "cl of the wild". >> the national wildlife federation works to protect the earthll year long so wild animals will hav a home. >> david is here withome of the most interesng creatures. >> happy earth day. >> happy earth y. >> what's the creature on your face, when did that happen? >> you'veot to mix it u a little bit. i've got a furry animal, not a cute mammal. earth day i all aut protecting t wildlife. that's whatational wdlife federation does. not every animal is cute and cuddly. we've got some that are, a lile bit scarey. but the point here is this is a goliathtarantula. one of the biggest species on the planet. just because something is ugly or scary, d dsn't mean it doesn't need our he. >> is it poisonous? >> it is venomous, it's got one-inch fangs. >> why y are you handling it?
10:45 am
>> because i'm trained. i wanted to share this guy, because he's though hs not pretty, he' important in the environment. he's a huge predator of all sorts of other insectsn the environment. let'lookt our next animal he. think you'll likeim a lot better. >> a baby boo boo. >> a baby black bear. >> we'll try to feedim a little bit. >> let's see, he's totally not interested in the bottle. this is a black br cub. there we go,e's only a few weeks old. he w born in the den with his mom. is is fairly common season with bears around the world. >> his mom is in captivity and we're able to use him as a cub get people engag in protecting wildldfe. >> s he knows that ain't momma. >> he's actually, he's got a full tummy. but an amazing animal. is is an animal found all over north america. >> these are not pets. >>no, no.
10:46 am
>> this is wild animals, he can only b handled like this and i have the training to do it >> let's go to our next amal here. >> this is a critically endangered species ande're going to let him go right here. this is black and white lemur. this is an animal -- >> look at her eyes. >> it' a black and white ruff lemur. they live in madagascar. criticallyndangered. these animals are declining becausof habitat loss, their forests are beingutdown. can you adopt a lemur withhe tial wildlife federation. protecting animals on earth day. >> they can't come home with you. >> a sim bothic adoption. when you donate money for the adoption, itoes to help wildlife all around the world. >> is she oy to have sugar ke that? >> just for her tv appearance.
10:47 am
we wan to keep her happy for the cameras. >> what does she eat normally? >> fruit and lees. they live up in the trees, they have a butiful long tail. >>great. grea we've g a couple more. ing b to us. >> come over here now. >> we' got another sort of unlovae animal. it's a lungfish. >> it lks like a catfish. >> but it's a fish that breathes rough lungs. it's kind o gross looking. the are animals that have amazing adtation. >> it has t get enough oxygen and can stay down forong me. >> they caca survive out of water. in afra wherehe fis ves, they can le out of water if the watat drys up. >> evenhoh it looks primitive and gross, is a cool imal. >> very smart. >> doe hav timeor one more? >> let's hea back over here, so we have morero.
10:48 am
>> a kangar. >> i'm going toang on to her. >> this is a redkangaroo. joey. >> that's what they are, joey. they live in australia in the desert. the baby animals need our help. ar animals needur help. so earth day, support animals. hot looks for your man, for under $100, first, this "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] listen to this symphony of flavor:
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10:51 am
men's fashions thaton't break e bank. >> if your man nee a little help in the fashion department, "m's health" mazine editor has someooks for us. >> this is the wor look. >> jason -- oh my goshsh >> tell us about this cassandra.
10:52 am
>> well, i just want to point out the entire look is constructed for a single sportcoat. everything i under $100. start with his blazer. a linen blazer, relaxed, it looks tailored, but it's very airy. he's gng to be nice and relaxed. the pink, the pink shirt is there r a specific reason. >> did he fight you on that? >> no. here's the reason -- because women love pink. they love men in nk >> thank you, jason. >> let's bring out our next lovely person. casual mk. >> look at mar >> mark is one of our stage managers. >> mark loves to wear sweaters. >> yes,e does. >> i wanted to keep him in his comfort zone. i wanted to add a little pop of color for spring. so w aed the red. which brings your eye up. you notice his face first. notice the vertical line, elongating and slimming,
10:53 am
something we can a use, right? >> look at his haircut. >> you just came to play. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you, mark. >> for date night, let's bring out james, one of our utility guys. >> james, wow! >> james came to play, too. >> youook cute, james. >> tel us about what he's wearing. >> look at t shs, which are matching the bottom of the pants. >> that is a great point. what i was going to y, women notice shoes, if you're going on a date, it's always great to have a fantastic pairf oes, luckily for him this pair is under $100. guys always wonder what to wear on dates. it's all about balancing drey and casual. hean wear jeans because he's wearing tailored top. >> he's adorable. let's bring outur amazing security guard perez! >> lookinggood. te us abouthat perez has on? >>s is for avel. lot of guys travel sweatpants andpajama i'm not
10:54 am
kidding. think that's wha they think they have to wear to look comfortable. instd i suggest a lightweight it. it's versatile. it's just as comfortable as a t-sht. >>ooking good, you look great. >> this is warm and when he lands he can wear it with something else. >> tnk you. >> let's bring out our final look. weekd --ed. >> oh, ed! stop it! >> tell us about wt he's got going on. >> ver cute. >> the star of the show here. are the shorts, the shorts are the star of the show >> no, t hairy legs are the star of e show >> the dockers, ty're docker shorts, you get two in on they're reversible. there's a pattern on the inside, and chambray on the outside. the perfect pair of shorts and he's wearing them just right. guys should wear their shorts about an inch above their knee, otherwise it's going to make their legs look shorter. >> let's bring out all our guys.
10:55 am
coming up tomorrow what do we have? >> we're launching a new sers wi deejay elvis durant. see you tomorrow! [ wind howling ]
10:56 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley.
10:57 am
nature at its most delicious. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. we start things off this morning with word charges have just been officially filed against boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev who remains in a boston hospital unable to speak. he was taken into custody friday following a shoot-out with police. his brother also suspected in that bombing was killed earlier friday trying to escape
10:58 am
authorities. jay gray right now in boston with the latest. >> reporter: a week after the deadly attack in boston, federal terrorism charges will be filed against marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the 19-year-old is still in serious condition at the hospital where authorities tell nbc news he's responding to questions from a special high-value detainee interrogation team, though their work has been limited because of his condition. most of his intersection with investigators has been in writing because of a bullet wound to his throat. officers now feel confident dzhokhar and his older brother tamerlan, who was killed in a gunbattle with police, planned and carried out the plot on their own. >> we're statsified the two actors here, the two people committing the damage, have either been arrested or killed. the people of the city of boston can rest comfortably at this point in time. >> reporter: but rest does not come easy in this city scarred by the attacks. the first of four funerals was
10:59 am
this morning, a private service for 29-year-old krystle campbell and dozens are still in boston area hospitals as outside the memorial to the victims continues to grow. >> i know what the injuries were, and i just needed to come down and see for myself. >> in a city injured but slowly beginning to heal. jay gray, nbc news, boston. >> jay, thank you very much. we're learning new details this morning about that wild shoot-out with police that left one bombing suspect dead, the other injured. the watertown police chief telling the boston globe 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev was alive and struggling with officers friday morning when his younger brother drove right over him in that stolen suv dragging him along that pavement. the chief said the injuries from the crash are ultimately what killed him. meantime federal investigators trying to speak to the wife of the suspect who died. a lawyer from

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